soma Four years was a long time to wait. I was worried it would take forever, and it's over so quick, I don't know where we are anymore.

You are not the same as when you left. I want you to be the Ross I fell in love with. Can we pretend we are the same two kids we were then, fumbling towards ecstacy in the dark? I miss you, even though you are right here with me for the rest of my days. It's scary to imagine them without you, but it's petrifying to ask you to change.

you promised me something else. You are someone differnt now. Am I allowed to leave without hurting you? I love you Ross, and I think you need to let me go. I promise, if it was meant to be, I will come home to you. I promise. But you're not even here anymore. Where would I be coming back to?
karmichael Everything I should say to you, I can't. Everything that matters, doesn't.

You are an itch I need to scratch, but if I scratch too hard, you might leave scars. I don't want you leaving any impressions at all.

You have done everything possible to win this time, but losing is when you truly appreciate what you have gained.
ross I hope none of this is about me. 030314
RossQ. I hope this has nothing to do with me. 030314
RossiMorris Wow! A Page dedicated to me!

I can't believe I'm the third Ross here.
minden ross is a jerk. 030324
minden ross is an asshole. 030324
niska ross is a twerp 030927
jennifer ROSS m /RAWS/ Scottish, English
From a surname which meant "promontory" (also "jagged precipice") in Gaelic, originally belonging to someone who lived on a headland.

Ross will break your heart,
but he won't break mine anymore.
meh... i have nothing to say.

i guess it's tradition...
white_wave I've bought many pairs of shoes there. 040221
ryen My friend's name is Ross.

We are roomies

not to be confused with shroomies.
shoccolo Ras Da Silva...

is a brilliant human being.
ross I am, indeed, an asshole and a twerp and many other things you could throw at me.

And it doesn't matter.
for William I don't know who you kids are, but to the ross who matters to me:

I'm very sorry for being such a rotten bitch. You're a good, sweet person.

And I'm glad I knew you, even for such a short, 'forgotten' time. I don't regret that, despite what you may think. I regret the shitty morning, but I don't regret you, ever. It's not your fault it was a freezing-ass day, and I was in a hangover-badness-ass-mood.

Thanks for undersstanding that - I have no idea if you'll ever know how I really felt. There's no other way to say this, Ross.

I'm sorry. If you forget me, at least forgive me too. I never have to know you did, but at least understand I still hope you're very happy.
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