sabbie oh pandora,
when will you accept that what you did was desperatly needed? That you had no choice? that you were set up? that you actions were ultimatly positive? that without you opening that box, that hope would never have been born into this world? when will you shake off your guilt pandora? when will you learn to stand tall? to throw that guilt you have carried for so long back in the faces of those who have heaped it upon you for centuries? when will you learn to throw your head back proudly once again? when will you learn to be proud of your actions? when will you be able to look me straight in the eye once more?

weep for the past no longer pandora. you have always been a much needed part of life.

my heart bleeds to see you like this...
bloodjetpoetry stupid box. stupid girl.
wonder what would've happened if she had clamped it shut too soon ...
Annie111 This was my nickname as a child. I asked why one day, and my parents told me the story of Pandora's Box. I said, "Isn't that a bad nickname to have?" And they said, "It's mixed. Bittersweet. You being born releasd a lot of things, good and bad."

My parents are so weird.
green eyes i named my cat pandora, but i call her pandy for short 020304
reitoei a fantasy of and for the deluded. its lets them think that maybe everything was perfect once and that maybe they can pick up all the crap stuff it back in a box and go outside and play in sweet innocence. sorry. the world sucks and thats all there is to it. 020304
Astrea A daughter of the gods to the mother of all men:
You took what we had, the song we had to sing
It was your fault, you could have thrown it away, not cared
Do you care now?
Now that you've taken it all from us gods?
To create the world your children will love and hate
Forget the cat, curiosity killed you
imaskitzo think outside the box 040323
pandora no hope
no kisses
no love
they took paint away
they stole the canvas
applegirl Exposure + exploitation
Eruptions of temptation
And she was right not to resist
Shackles can only juxtapose
not preserve it
Like the roses growing by the jail
red and rusting away
beauty lasts
but is fleeting
the highest nirvana and the most expansive of elysian fields can only be understood
through the experience
of the most devoid
and strangling
of ennui
no reason is nifty 051223
from pete in canada R.I.P. 070514
jane box forgotten. eclipse radio. 090327
blown cherry oh pandora. You missed him too much. A mix of naivety and desperation. Now things have passed that cannot be taken back.

An overflowing well of despair now ensues. At least she has her Thomas now. Beware of soul devouring guilt.
heartfeltsuperego i will sing to this beat
the melody moves my feet
to walk away from this street
and we will never meet
rhin have i opened the box again? when hope is the only thing that is left, don't fuck with it.

let it go.
let it go.
just let it go.

he told me that i think too much and analyze everything. i immediately knew that he was intimidated by me. he made me sick. i took a pill. the disease is gone.

close the box.
what's it to you?
who go