ClairE There is no "Maine"?!

This must be remedied.

The only other state I'd live in besides New_York.

I love Maine with my soul.
ilovepatsajak we wrote funny things on the back of "remember the maine" coupons at the maine diner. then we left the hotel and drove home in the middle of the night. the headlights were beacons on the highway. 011128
Seed I lost my virginity to a resident of Maine.

She was the first girl I loved.

Part of me still misses her, part of me is glad she is far away.
rubydee we moved to maine a few years ago.
my little brother called to say he'd been studying the map
and had decided
that someone's hand slipped when they drew the border of the US and Canada
in our corner...

today it snowed for the first time this year
pine trees dripping white
pitched roofs fending off
an overload
Eowithien My Baba lives in Maine with her huge dog Dolly (part German Shephard, part very hairy dog breed, part very very loveable and loud bark dog breed) in the house that my grandfather designed and helped to build. She has a man-made pond in the front yard and a small hill by the old chicken coop called Princess Hill because she used to have a sweet old black lab called Princess (my sister and I named the hill that when we were smaller). All around her house and long, unpaved driveway is trees. Trees, upon pine trees, upon Christmas trees, upon trees. I love it. There are paths that my grandpa made with his tractor (which still sits in the garage my dad and he built) and ones made after he tread on them from year after year. Beyond some of the trees and a path and a section of trees with no branches 6 feet above the ground (our "park") is a swamp. Not a smelly one, just water and reeds and a deserted beaver hut. You can walk out to it on the thick ice in the winter and see where they used to go in (it is collapsed now, her neighbors probably hunted them down or scared them off). Beyond the swamp is more beautiful trees, a stump that is rotted and I called the Witch Castle is hidden barbed wire from years ago and a tree that used to be a nature-made see saw. Beyond the see saw is a stone wall that doesn't seperate our land from someone else's and then more swamp and Christmas trees. In between all that are turkeys, deer, and porcupine. I love it there. 030301
julietoscaralpha I've lived in maine all of my life, and its sad. It has changed so much, lost some of its character and sense of community, in some places. turning into a big suburb. of course i live right outside of Lewiston.

i'll remember the maine.
julietoscar alpha esoteric, i guess 040211
rubydee craving you
and all your charms
.M. i am starting to look foward to my trip, it will give me a chance to think everything through; my job, kate, hailey, moving away from everything i know and care about. maybe maine will bring mr to my sences 070611
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