silentbob i have a low threshold of pain. but my main priority in life is finding love, and i usually fall for the girls who could never love me. you'd think that since i know and understand this, i wouldnt do it. but i dont. maybe its because me and chanaka have poems to feed and they dont like feeding on happiness. do they, chanaka 001206
chanaka yes they do. poem food is essential. they are hungry little critters. my naivety feeds my pain which feeds my poems.....nothing ever will work out. i was irrational to think that it would. the cosmos gives me a dope slap and says "wake the hell up!" it's too late. my irrational thoughs have led me to build something up in my mind, only to be smashed into glittering dust. the wind blows......and takes my dreams away with it. what's the use of dreaming when, with every gust, they get swept away? 001206
stupidpunkgirl the irrationality of me.
trying to make you love me.
how silly of me.
to think this could happen.
oh my. the stupidity.
Shiftography irrationality, I really believe, is just one of those things you come across, ... it's a concept in the dictionary... it's a something to be "debatatory" about... sparring like it was a game of Magic The Gathering... play with it like a tiddlywink.... we walk a certain direction, a certain small distance towards rationality, we turn and look back at where we were.... oh, we expound, it is obvious, look at all those irrational people back there, they are so lost... this seems like a good place to perch... at least I have surpassed my immediate peers. don't turn back around to the front, lest ye be complicit in your own horrification 010302
unhinged focus fuzzy
why can't i be the girl
you were with last night?
come on now stupid
it's the friend mantality
i'm not quite floating high
give me another jack and coke
i suppose
i could be so cruel
scoring points with the teacher
in man langauge that means
he's not going to be there
it's just not the same without the
guiness drinking freak
i'm not floating high
god and we drove that battered but seaworthy '35 coupe across the midwest high on bennies and listening to ranaldo at the u.s.o. 010303
littleidiot the precise reason why im going out tonight.

unhinged i'm sorry for being angry. it really is unfair of me. sorry. so sorry. it's the nature of my tipped scale. not to use that as an excuse. it's just the reason i get preoccupied with my anger. i'm lopsided. i'm afraid to love but i get angry at people around me for not loving me back...

i've been on a role today. i think this infection has made it all the way to my brain.

but it was probably really hard for you to say some of the things you've said to me. it's hard for you too. you put me out of my head for awhile. now that i'm not so wrapped up in you, i see it a little better.

yes, i've done much blathering today. on and on and on like an idiot. winter needs to be over soon. it makes me cranky and stuff.
what's it to you?
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