realistic optimist thank goodness it's finally saturday. after valentine's day,
people out there have been depressed and stressed leading us to feel their stress of less
to give they needed more money and time to sift
through the solitary holiday anyway
whether as a single self or a single couple. either way they celebrated the bubble
with the most capitalistic, sick and selfish
brick by brick cryptic crib. i don't mean to be glib,
but we lead by example, we are but a handful
knowledge is potential, but knowledge is only power when we act.
the imagined fact is hacked into the mainframe of the same act
which we all address, and with opportunity to act we bless.
oregon with the chance to snore again, but i implore the winds
of change to rearrange the strange complacency i see
in everybody, including you and me, we embody the enemy as well as the beauty for all to see.

activists must be active, it's part of the definition.
We forgo being passive, we embark on a mission.
action begets actions; action is enaction.
when we act, together, we enact social actualization
You and i tend to the bleeding, and the possibility of social evolution succeeding
rests on us all leading ourselves to breeding action within our faction
we teach others that this concept is powerful, viable, and reasonable.
and we can show them that we are powerful, viable, and able, too.

everyone here has given of themselves to something greater than themselves.
but for me, that's just the beginning, we have a history of winning,
and we are going to win this campaign because we are using our brains
for more than just trained jumps we are jumping on unplanned opportunities
that are pumping wind into the sails of something we all will not let fail.
So far, we have been a huge driving force behind senate bill 555,
But we must awaken them with our drive to do what it takes to support what makes
a grass roots campaign alive, we must function like bees in a hive.
if we don't want to blow this, the state must take notice and we're the seeds that can grow this.
you may not know this: a party of mine with cheese and wine from six to nine
tomorrow night we'll party in sight of letters we write and after nine is time
letters sent online, what could be better than a celebration of the patience
it takes to follow through all the way and hope the trend stays. we'll party
eight ways til sunday make all night a funday, what do ya say? take an invite today!
what's it to you?
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