typhoid goodbye. now let me die in peace.. 000220
Shiftography are the way we return the assistance we were awarded on the left bank; next time I play the grunge guitars, I will crank you more towards the anterior repository, and we the both of us, will inspect our particulars for signs of intestinally-based fear 010302
someone I Love goodbyes. Funny to say that since they are the antonym to all that means me and yet the hate I feel when preparing myself seems so natural and central to me.

I would kill me if I didnít feel so guilty. Would be nicer if I didnít think people cared. Would stop pulling away if they did...

It is so easy to say goodbye. So easy to cut off all potential lingering alliances...

I donít know how to believe in Love...

It has never existed for this small soul. No one ever has been able to walk into me and know me for what and who I am to and to want to hold onto that.

How did I get to be so ugly..?

How did I get to be so small..?
yummyC i wish i were small.

physically I mean. and not just short, cus I am already short.

so...speaking of goodbyes...
I hate when i dont have one. i hate when there is no ending. no goodbye.

its how Alexis left my life.
*poof* gone...nobody is sure where she went, or how, or why. She was just gone. And I never said goodbye. and I never got to tell her that i didnt forgive her. i never even got to tell her that I knew what she and done and I was pissed at her for it. she was my best friend and she knew how much I liked him...what was her problem she only did it because I liked him. that bitch.

god. Now I kinda know how Logan feels about Jason.
at least he had a goodbye, though.
Logan sucks doesint it. 011006
Casey The ones that mean forever are some of the hardest things in life to face, never knowing when or where your paths will intersect again. Cherish the time you have before thiese words must flow from your lips 011006
ClairE I'm so bad at them. That's why I'm abrupt. My decisiveness covers up my indecisiveness.

I wouldn't have left without even hugging you.
shiva i wouldn't have either. 020102
blown cherry I wish they didn't affect me so
dictating how I feel until the next hello
blown cherry I'm keeping them short

The longer I leave it,
the more time my mind has to dwell on the situation and the faster my depression at being alone hits me.

If I speed off into the night,
if I hang up before the goodbye has fully left my lips, before the emptiness of the dialtone echoes back to my ear at your passing,
then maybe I can cut off the lonliness at the pass,
or prevent it from leaving the ranch at all.
megan i hate them.
they depress the hell out of me, and i don't think i can stand one from you. please never leave. i know that's not possible in body, but in heart, please always stay by my side. i'm begging you. a goodbye from you would be the world ending and shattering at my feet, and i just don't think i could live through that.
sara says it all 030114
Jo Goodbye, theres just not sadder word to say... I would know 040603
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