splinken i slathered pink glitter over my collar bone and across my nose before leaving for work. the lights are always dim in restaurants. the air around the hostess stand is always freezing. this kid always came around the back of the stand and caught me slumping over the seating chart for support.

"hey prettygirl."
klairchen aww, molly you got to this word before i did.

*starlette* we were addicted to it. every weekend we begged each other for a new color, a new shape.

then i left.

when i returned, i thought they'd all rolled in dirt. maybe they had too much powder up their noses. maybe the light that died took all their glitter with her.

but it was gone.
silentbob she always has glitter on her lips, on her cheeks, below her eyes
when you try to see the light in her eyes the glitter distracts you and you don't know what to think.
sweetest*revenge i want to remember those days 010209
sabbie and the nicest place
i ever saw glitter
was when i caught it
winking and glinting to me
from under the water
running in the gutter
in front of my house

and i winked back
like a co-conspiritor
and i lifted my head higher
as i stepped across it
and walked to my door
freakizh wasn't this one a very crappy movie? 020520
bethany i always wanted a dress like the one ariel wore that glittered baby blue as she came out of the water and ran to eric

and that movie, i just didnt see it coz i knew the girl couldn't make a good one
girl_jane Am I that little fleck of sparkle one notices, that little fleck that brightens one's day, and one appreciates it?

Or am I that speck of shine that won't come off, that speck that moves around one's body but won't come off, and annoys the fingertip it wants to live on?
girl_jane Either way, I am a bit of glitter- 020816
Ganymede Elegy When I go to parties I like to wear something shiny. So I feel like I'm this peice of glitter floating in a sea of colors, surrounded by a wind of music. 030526
Joy fairy dust 040707
tr I feel pretty when there is some glitter round my eyes... 041215
Syrope i dreamt that i was somewhere barefoot on a sidewalk that cut across a lush meadow (i have no clue why there was a sidewalk there...maybe because i don't like grass on my ankles?) looking up at the stars, and they started disintegrating and sprinkling out of the sky. it was so pretty, like a shower of glitter. i looked to my right and suddenly there was this gorgeous woman there looking up too, in a long flowing light blue gauzy dress and i asked if she was afraid, and, never taking her eyes off the sky, she shook her head, smiled, and said "it's so beautiful"

and then i smiled too.
f wow - was that really your dream? 041227
marjorie So I haven't seen the movie.
And I never plan to.
We can only hope it is never UNAVOIDABLE.
What kind of hellish scenario would that be...
what's it to you?
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