werewolf even the frivolous heart only bends so far. Too long a sacrifice can make a stone of the heart. O when may it suffice! Complexity is only all the simple stuff getting backed up. So linger at the threshold nervously and keep stretching that heart of yours, but a flushed grip awaits you on the other side, the rushing red of passion and shame. Someone told me this line..."it's been seen and never explained, how one person sees the rainbow, yet another sees the rain"....simple and complex - Like the smoke and mirror shows any good clown knows. They've gotta have an expectation if they're gonna laugh. Is there a contradiction, check your premises. Everyone's telling me what to do. But they can't break this down, there is only this, and it doesn't fit into anything else because those are all broken bits of it. Agh...oh well...anyone for a game of shits and giggles? 020506
stork daddy i had a forty dollar lobster meal once. lot of money. i hope it was an important lobster. maybe it played piano or spoke french. later that night in the bathroom i didn't flush right away, i wanted to look at my investment for a while.

no in truth, in the moment i believe i used words like sumptous. i mean at the restaurant not in the bathroom. I'd give it five belly pats. ah.

certain things you can't do at fancy restaurants. restaurants where you have to ask...can i eat this? at denny's at least you already know nothing on the plate is edible. but like at nice restaurants you can't lick the plate which is unfortunate since you want to more. just barely almost ironic. when you lick the plate at dennys is when you find out that the gravy is hairy. that stuff really coats. makes noises gravy shouldn't make when applied to tongue. you have to reach eccentric wealth before you can lick plates again at the chez chez bonswaaa, because then the restaurants are proportionally dennyesque again. You take food seriously when it's your kid's college fund.

mmmm dessert port.

mmm port in the desert.
Whitechocolatewalrus Timmy the mouse went to the store to buy some cheese. But there was just one problem. The store had run out of cheese, oh no! Timmy is very sad, heís making dinner for his girlfriend, Molly, and he doesnít know what to make instead of cheese because cheese is Mollyís favorite food ever. Timmy doesnít really like cheese, but he really likes Molly and heíll do whatever it takes to please her. He would have brought Molly with him to the store except that Molly is a big, fat, black rat and they only allow mice in the store. So Timmy, being in the trap that he is, canít decide between asparagus and chocolate. Now chocolate is Timmyís favorite, but he doesnít remember if Molly likes chocolate. On a whim, Timmy takes a risk and buys both asparagus and chocolate. On his way home, Timmy thinks of all the dinner possibilities he could come up with having only chocolate and asparagus. He could make chocolate covered asparagus or asparagus covered chocolate. Asparagus covered chocolate wouldnít be too easy to make considering you canít really melt asparagus. So there he had it, chocolate covered asparagus it would be! He hoped Molly would enjoy it. 031203
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