typhoid i can feel you
and the brightness
of the twinkle in your eye
a load removed
a picture
once a fragment,
now completed
klairchen Now that I've thought about it, I was delusional.

The weighted summer air buries the weak.

Thickened hope, grand conclusions, saturated sighs.

The end is never in sight's glance.

Then, the shock of new stiff air strikes with a shattering force as ice water is thrown upon the face.

Eyelids are lifted as the taunting sun gives up its blinding reign

Realism is cautiously embraced.
Clear air is breathed.
Frozen air is warmed with attention.

The frost infuses exceptional insights, as the dew is sent drifting outward.

The frostbitten are lucky.

They know when to leave.
burningman I once told my mother she shouldn't
have put the presents out the night
before because she knew I would open
them. "But you didn't open them" she
said..."that isn't what I said" I replied, "I said you knew I would but I
haven't lied." No clairvoyant she.
blown cherry from internet cafe no2 Ever go see a clairvoyant and come out with the urge to keep going to other clairvoyants until someone tells you what you want to hear?

I've seen that woman twice in 5 years, and each time she has told me to forget about the person I could least of all forget about in all the world.
Maybe I should go back and find that guy at the Rocks, at least he said I was going to be a writer, this woman didn't tell me anything that that really annoying nagging voice in my head doesn't already tell me all the time.

At least she said I'm not going to be schitzophrenic, but she was very clear that I should keep away from stress.

She also said to trust my instincts, over and above my head, and even my heart. I thought I knew what my instincts were, but now I'm not so sure.
Maybe I'll just wait until I see you again and see which way my gut wrenches me, away from you, or into your arms for another long hug.
Maybe I already know.
BrotherDB Some how I knew this site would be here? Clairvoyance.......I think not.
Did you ever wonder whether someone who kills a public figure might know something that could be coming in the future. Maybe they were the next Hitler, or would somehow bring about the end of the world in some way. Like in that movie "The Dead Zone".
CRO well, depends which philosopher you like.
kant says intentions are the only thing that's important.
almost everybody else says intent is important, but consequences more so.
what's it to you?
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