jennifer I was never really considered one
though dave takes great joy in calling me a bull_dyke
and I never really thought butch lesbians were really that attractive
(and I had my reasons)
then I watched If_These_Walls_Could_Talk_2
and Boys_Don't_Cry
and I got to talking to certain someones
and, there is something very
erotic and intruiging
about them
jennifer In response to the question"What is Butch?"
What is butch? Butches want to be men, I want a real woman.......
these comments are spoken by those who don't know butch,
don't understand it, love it as I do. Butch is a slight strut to
their walk, haircuts just long enough to wrap your fingers
in right at the roots. Butch is a gallantness,protectiveness,
a confidence. It is a woman with soft womanly characteristics
and strong ones that society tries to reserve for men only,
but are really about confidence and personal power. Butch is blue
jeans, button down shirts, boots, and cologne that says I am not a
flower but a strong woman. Butch is that woman cooking in the
kitchen, folding her boxers and picking up groceries and flowers for
that romantic dinner. Butch is soft hearted, romantic, loving,
sensitive but usually only shows that side at home. It is giving
without ever asking for anything in return. But she will melt like the
teddy bear she is when you bring her red roses and read her
poetry. Butch is that delightful woman that feels deeply but feels it
quietly. Butch is a wicked smile on the lips that says you will be her
dinner and be glad of it. It is that look in the eyes that says she
knows exactly what she is doing and she might even prove it to you.
It is taking great pleasure in using all resources possible and some
never dreamed of to bring out all the passion in her lover. She is
unafraid to strap it on, and doesn't have to explain to her lover that
she doesn't want to be a man. Butch is a woman crying quiet tears
of release and love after her lover makes love to her. It is loving
arms that hold you and soothing whisper, I'm right here, I'm here.
Butch is the most beautiful of women. In case you haven't guessed I
am a femme who adoresall that is butch. Especially a butch with a
mischievous grin, cocky way of talking, tender heart,romantic
nature, with a pile-drivin ass. for all those spectacular butches

2/11/00 Vinetta
kc Yes, I'm a butch, and no, it doesn't mean I want to be a man -- though often, I feel more like "a butch" than "a woman". Butch IS my gender. Not all butches feel this way. To me butch means that I manifest masculinity in my mannerisms and perferences, that I take pride in my strength, smarts, and courage much more than any feminine qualities of beauty I might have. Butch means protecting my femme and making her feel like a princess. It means I have to examine myself for signs of misogyny because I don't feel I'm like other women. It means a kinship with other butches, and being very visible as a queer person. It means that sometimes the way I dress and moves weird other people out, and I have to be extra kind and charming to make up for that and help them see past it. 050327
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