fyn gula as mentioned in affame_le_geant_messenger_dove, the portuguese rescue squad consisted of a collection of heron, stork, cranes, and parrots, all trained specifically in avian first-aid, cpr, and search and recovery. these feathered e-m-ts were experts in coming to the immediate aid of the wayward birds and various animals of kemulya.

and so, when the messenger dove approached them in the name of feignez, at their headquarters inside the charred remains of a gigantic dead black walnut tree and requested their assistance in finding a lost kildeer mother along the bianca strada near prokendria, suspicion was raised.

"prokendria?" afonso, a crested crane, who led the group, asked. his question, a gambit. his eyes narrowed. "isn't that where the fall of birds occured?" his voice rose with impatience and was edged with panic.

feignez's shady reputation was notorious amongst the kemulyan bird population ever since she brown-nosed her way into leadership as aerial commander with proina's esprit de corps. her manipulative exploits were well chronicled and she was number one on many notable bird's shit lists. "keep a close eye on that one," many would say under their breath and those who were burned by her swore they would kill her if they could ever get close enough to stick a beak into her underbelly.

afonso looked at the other members of the rescue squad. they were shaking their heads and raising their eyebrows with distrust.

feignez had her inner circle of which this particular messenger dove belonged. she instructed them in various degrees of con-artistry. responding to afonso's questions, the dove hesitated, but only for a moment. she was shrewd, like her crafty mentor, and quick as a striking snake to cover her mistakes.

"yes," the dove said. "it is a kildeer that survived the fall." her statement rolled from her tongue without even a hint of inconsistency. "it's all in the eyes," feignez once told her. "maintain sincere eye contact when you tell a lie and they will believe you." feignez's position as aerial commander carried a certain measure of respect, even if she was reputed to use it derisively. it was the kind of obligatory allegiance one gives to a crooked cop. you did what feignez asked because of the possibility proina would punish your disobedience, even as you got away with as much as possible behind her back.

perhaps you are wondering why feignez did not have the dove simply tell the truth and request the rescue squad's assistance in helping pull the wooden cart to proina's lair...

these are complicated matters not easy to explain.

the conflict between boffden and proina was growing in intensity, ravenous as a wild fire. recent reports concerning the horrific fall of birds was a heart wrenching blow to birds everywhere, forcing them to take sides. rumor had it that feignez had orchestrated it under proina's command, using her skill and craft to convince thousands of birds to sacrafice their lives for her god monster. she promised them a land of plump berries, clean birdbaths, overflowing feeders, acres of worms, everlasting juicy grubs, and wings that never needed flapping. she was full of shit, but she was convincing because she passionately believed in the lie. she feared the retribution.

her soul became a theatre, pedicated on making things up as she went along.

and so one sip of the same mixture she slipped in frau werzenwozen's water was enough to kill every bird in mid flight over the wooden cart. down they came, feathered bombs on a course to destroy.

in the name of jealousy. in the misunderstanding of love.

we know from this short history that all did not go according to proina's plan, and so the deception deepened, one act of pretense upon the other.

here we are. all of that to say this:

the portuguese rescue squad obeyed feignez's request, albeit with severe consternation. yet, they feared for their own lives, worried that proina would seek them out and punish their failure to comply.

why do we do things?

they encountered boffden's bees and battled the swarmarmy in the sky near prokendria defeating them, flying onwards to the wooden cart arriving just as saumboo and frau werzenwozen were ripping the wings off feignez.

they were stunned with incredulity. they landed in the branches of a nearby locust tree and looked at each other with absolute disbelief.

"fuck!" afonso said, shaking his head.
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