jennifer Tuesday
just look at your pager
and laugh out loud
tourist The sun's not even up! It's cold and the damn dogs are whining to go out. I drag my ass out of bed pull on clothes let the youngest out of her cage take the long walk put her up after she has something to drink give her some food.Get out the older one who's awake now, take her on the long walk bring her in water and feed her put her back in the kennel. The suns still not up I undress and crawl back into bed for another hour and a half that turned out to be some of the best REM sleep I'd had in months. Maybe those dogs are worth it after all. I love dreaming. 001205
Thyartshallshant You dont know what 5 AM really is until you stay up blathering and look at your computers clock and realize its 5 AM... espeically when you do it three nights in a row ;) 001231
User24 is a very bad time of the day. 030606
rubydee for the last few mornings
the sky has been crystal clear
from the first hints of sunrise
through the morning calls of songbirds
cats coming and going
sophie has her breakfast
outside to play by 7:30
then back inside for books
around nine npr switches to classical
and the sky gets darker
clouds move into the valley
a thick haze covers the hillsides
thunderstorms build all day
culminating in an awesome release
when the humidity can't go any higher
and the gardens are starting to wilt
a fantastic downpour
pinging a tin roof
quickly it subsides
leaving a swollen creek
and puddles for stomping
pricked legs evidence of the rich mosquito population
jane five a.m. is my midnight 030619
User24 see also: 3am 030623
splinken this is when it all starts. 030625
girl_jane At least I was home before the sun came up... 030625
phil splinken starts thinking again? 030703
FA113N I can't sleep.
I have woken up every hour.

Sprawled in the middle of the bed,
The sheets twisted around my legs
A testament to my thrashing.

Oh god, the quiet night is cruel,
Reflecting only fears,
And with no ghost to soothe me

I fall back into a fitful sleep
Hoping to dream of my dead father
And not your lips.
in a silent way the tipping point between not late enough and far too late, when night starts to bleed into a new day that's already begun. 130125
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