radiohead this lyric is fucking godly. 020123
radiohead creep 020123
ClairE what_you_just_can't_blather 020124
distorted tendencies Yes this lyric is fucking godly. It's enlightening. 020125
silentbob you float like a feather in a beautiful world 020125
year of the rat you're so fucking special

i wish i was special
unhinged you never knew how much you meant
til the day you left
if i could talk id tell you so does everything else about you.
your skin's only the beginning...
phil upirsyystyrtsivr;olrsgtrmvjg;u
you eat tartar sauce like a french fry
phil cause I'm a creep 020205
silentbob what the hell am i doing here?
I don't belong here
blown cherry you're so fucking special,
I wish I was special.
distorted tendencies You're just like an angel.. 020306
she i want a perfect body,
i want a perfect soul.
grendel i want you to notice
when i'm not around
blown cherry whatever makes you happy
whatever you want
little wonder i don't care if it hurts,
i want to have control.
blown cherrys tactile sensations I know what this line means now.

The way it feels under my hand, as I put my hand on your waist, or on your back and firmly hold you closer.

The most amazing thing I will ever touch.
princess what the hell am i doing here?
i don't belong here.
Kate the kind of tears that I would have to dash into the nearest school bathroom to conceal. 020610
jane i_want_a_perfect_body_i_want_a_perfect_soul 030727
paranoid martyr i'm sick of blathering about the song 030727
Fire&Roses your song... 030727
crimson The acoustic version.
First time I heard this song
I was with him.
He talked about the chords and listened.
I listened to him and Mr. Greenwood.
emmi it's softer where it's covered
and the colour of know, the condensed nestle kind
sticky and sweet
mourninglight skin on skin..
I miss being honest with myself.
il corvo not so much cry as ache from wanting to touch you again 041028
unhinged because it feels so much like mine
how much i hated living in it
i fear for you
but yet i have derision for you
for making me cry
for making the same damn decisions
i've seen so many times
but thinking you were the one that invented them
i can't be around you again
i can't let you see me cry
i was so precariously close
the last time we were together
so afraid you would make fun of
any tears that might happen to roll down my face
you were particularly nasty that day
i chalk it up now
the hormones i knew it obviously was
after the fact
i don't think we are melding anymore
the three of us
i think part of her hates me
i think part of me hates her
your skin makes me cry
cause it's the same damn trouble
every damn time
but you think that you're so original
you think you've got it figured out
i'm glad i never developed the habit
of hugging you
even though my arms twitched at the sight of you
itll_end_in_tears (or it'll_end_in_tears )
this i know
like i knew then
you're not so fucking special
you're just a creep
you're just a weirdo
what the hell am i doing here?
i don't belong here
i don't belong here
Mailbox And your eyes make me scream.
Make it go away
Make it all go the fuck away
Fucking please.
anythingbutcryptic i just want to kiss away the tears of the little boy lost i think of when i hear those words - 080127
what's it to you?
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