amy Flying over fields and factories
Momma's going off her head
Daddy's bringing home the bacon
Open up the pearly gates
megan don't leave me outside you waiting. i want to see your darkest corners, i want to feel your deepest feelings, i want to know your soul. i wish you would let me know what you're feeling sometimes, i've never been good at guessing, and you've always mastered the art of hiding from me. let me figure out your language, let me imagine that you're loving me without any regrets. open up to me, love, and i will not let you down. 030123
splinken but be careful, for fucksakes. 030318
cut_and_paste Gawd. Doncha just hate Scorpios. I mean, them lil' fuckers just never give ya a glimpse into their heart. Secretive lil' fuckers they are. Hate 'em. 030319
girl_jane I want to know everything about you. 030319
randomly recent I used to think about writing a book detailing absolutely everything I knew, from how to clean my teeth to... well... everything.


misstree last night, a friend in the living room said loudly, "open up, i'm an fbi agent, i'd like to have a few words with you." even knowing the source, there was still a moment of frozen asessment as the emergency crews jumped into place. 040115
three words dont_get_close open_up know_harm_in_e 051114
Ouroboros let me back in! 090129
unhinged the dramatic_irony of your ignorant bullshit is knotting my stomach. if there was ever a time to tell you every last bit, it would be now.

'that sounds like a trap'

heh. you have no fucking idea how trapped i've been for the past two years. god how i wish you didn't push my buttons. god i wish you'd leave your lips to yourself. god i wish i wasn't having dreams about you.

but every time i've asked god for help, he's left me hanging, gears_stripped

i wish you were still
you are a fucking tumor on my heart
Ouroboros When you don't want to see me, it smarts. I, the ass, am falling over myself, bumbling around, putting myself out there only to be hurt. Hurt that you won't see me (only talk to me from a safe difference on the phone), and before it hurt to see you, pain in my heart, at the distance between us sitting in the same room. Did you ever love me? Was anything real? Was it all in my mind? I don't know. And I know. I love you and you are happier and more balanced without me. 090130
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