jennifer I can't say the words I want to
I can't stand atop my heart and spout out the rhythms of my soul
I want to say all that I can, like I did when I was new
but I have to lock it in, and push it down, because of misunderstanding, hatred and fear
and because I can hold it a little more
Silent Bob There they stand. I can say what i want, but i cannot express it or show it on my face. My actions are not allowed to reveal how we feel about each other. I am mocked by the possibility of passion, daunting, its right there, but i can't touch it.
Not with them looking.
vix grab the duct tape 000806
tourist Undoubtedly the best feature of a T V's remote control. I wish it was automatic anytime sombody came on to try selling me on something I just gotta have to keep up with the trendsetting consumerdriven masses........but
I guess there's no money in developing THAT.
freakizh don't speak.

i know.

telekinesis rules.
Sonya They said, "Go back home little girl, you aren't needed here." They said, "I'm sorry but you just can't do everything little girl." They said, "Little girl, you don't know what you're talking about." They tried to silence me and I was muted for awhile. No more. No more! 011027
ilovepatsajak whenever i see people but can't hear them, it looks like a movie to me. 011027
ilovepatsajak like if you have your headphones on, it looks like people are actors. i wonder why. 011027
june because it's true.
like singers, what do the majority of rock singers think about and how much patience and scheming ability do males looking for the next beer bong possess?
I wonder.
You see why it wouldn't make sense, the 'ole boys just wanna have fun and fuck models why worry about compexities and those who can never be in the show?
Only someone with long range view plans can begin a proceedure such as The California Dream Team.
My pretty boyz would be too young.
No absolute, however I'm going by likelihood. Dave's cute and smart but he didn't do it.
bettyisntme a muted scenario

..because there's nothing left to strive for.
5 ~ The Hierophant Scattered about the lands
are countless signs from the beyond.
With a sneer you shut your eyes, and
with frosty words, you disparage them all.
Since you, so resolute, will not allow
these symbols to speak for themselves,
I am left to interpret them for you!



Its like walking along a cliff edge.

PARANOIA - it can be a scarey thing (miss trusting yourself) ... without putting any dianostic names next to it.


i love being a fairy!

a mad one at that !

do you want another bon bon ?
what's it to you?
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