ac did you make the universe? neither did i. i don't know who did it either, but i like it because it's so perfect...

yeah, i wonder who did it, they deserve a very large amount of praise, for ever and ever.


yeah. amen.
girl one of the few things i remember from church sermon's that i wiggled through in my childhood, one of the creeds the grown ups always read said somewhere in it "begotten not made"
it didn't make sense to me then, but now that im older
it still doesnt make any sense.
Chrity go to:
Miner What happens if the universe wasn’t made by anyone though? Who do we praise then, the universe for one day deciding to make itself from nothing? Also if its so perfect, why are we, at least at the moment the only 100% officially (by our governments admittedly which don’t mean a lot) confirmed life bearing planet in the universe, and if there are others, surely in a perfect universe they would of popped round for a friendly chat, a beer and to watch the game before now and we would all be friends living in harmony. 010504
girl again hmmm...
"begotten not made"....
sounds like "shaken not stirred"
Reverend Lough just because i rock, doesn't mean i'm made of stone. 021221
Christopher Kendalls The cure (vaccination)
By Chris Kendalls

What I want from this world
Not always equivalent with what I will do to get it
Life is people who do not believe in you or your accomplishments
Waiting for the bubble to burst; los cumpleaños
Therefore, you can get your candy, the pain of death

Of course, if I gave you the money it would be counterproductive
Instead of crying I write these days; talking instead of contemplation
It is more articulate and I do not have to clean my shoes
Like a land fill; up to my knees in society’s filth
Slipping on the remains of the piñata looking for a better life

Endless papier-mâché
Trying to push a stolen grocery cart through the dump
Fighting off junkies looking for a soul to inhabit
My day consists of delivering bad news to good people
Belligerent individuals who are only listening to themselves

Used to believe I was only as good as I feel
Then I realized my emotions were never a friend of mine
So calledneedsthat are always in search of trouble
So you can end up in tranquility; day dreaming about earth
Too late to turn around this time

Moreover, my moods cannot swing me out any further, dopamine
Trying to need people, I was missing myself
If it has to be that way, at least choose your own destiny
Do not know if it is the redundancy or the monotony that is killing me
olivia last night i made love 050513
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