Lemon_Soda I feel and see. I take everything in. I process it, decide how I want to react and go, all in an instant. I have my own rules born of my own experiences and to these I hold. Because I decided it, it must be right, because you know, it IS all about me...

I am the center of the universe and all things revolve around my desire and amusement.

Why then, am I so unhappy? Why do things not happen the way I intend them, want them? Why don't people know how to act around me? Why dont' they know the right things to do or say? Why do circumstances arise that I don't expect, want, or know how to handle?

Why do I cry? Why do I fear things, quiet things, dark things, hidden in my mind until I am alone? Where does that shaking, warm flush of things not right come from, and why does it torment me?

Why can't I change it? Why doesn't it change itself? What am I missing?

"You know son, the world isn't all about you. Its about everyone. We're all here, dealing with the same problems and insecurities. You can't expect the world to change for you. You can't expect people to change for you. Disappointment is part of life. People make mistakes. YOu make mistakes. Nobody is perfect and that includes you. You have to think of others as well as yourself. If you go through life thinking you can do what ever you feel like you'll never be happy and whats worse, you'll have to deal with that unhappiness alone. Nobody is going to put up with someone unwilling to put up with anybody else. Excepting your not the end-all-be-all is the first step to really growing up."

Thanks Dad.
andru235 perhaps you are a solipsist.

(i know i am, but i will never know if you are.)
Lemon_Soda No...I was. Dad set me straight. 050503
sirflaccid oh the things to come 050503
mt we are each hovering balls of light
you are primary. you are your own god.
so is each other.
"Peace of mind or a calm state of mind is rooted in affection and compassion." -Dalai_Lama
we are all plants in eachother's light.
Lemon_Soda A clarification:

The above train of thought and subsequent experience where powerful motivators for me that lead to an attitude and awareness that has brought me happiness. It is by no means, however, a statement against loving oneself, seeing the world through unique eyes, taking action to better oneself, considering one self first when choosing paths, and soon on. The idea of its_all_about_me, like many things, has many facets that can be interpreted and applied in just as many varied ways, some good, some bad. This is simply the expression of a significant experience I had concerning the phrase when applied to self destructive tendencies rooted in malign self indulgence.
It was an important lesson for me to learn and I hoped to share it with those who may benefit from its lesson.

its_all_about_me can indeed be a very beneficial and benevolent attitude when appropriatly interpreted and applied.
camille that's it....going to get a sprite 050517
camille ...ahhhh sprite it is with orange segments 050517
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