unhinged credited the source
what more can i do
yeah, it was all my fault
i trusted the wrong people
and now there's nothing left
but i'm gone
i'm so gone
i don't want to have anything to do
with you anymore
except the pieces
you left me in
which was all my fault
spiral down
the swirling drain
inaccurate chemical disposal
radioactive wasteland
they built the fence
neat and straight
to contain me
keeps them out
keeps me in
it doesn't mean anything anymore
i'll sit in my little yard
unhinged i've found it. it is a secret dream of mine to be a writer. maybe around here it's not so secret, but you know. and i've been thinking even more lately of making a composite of my work and sending it off, trying to get somewhere. so i've been trying to think of a title for a book cause i was never very good with titles. with a little help from my friend bethann and making a concerted effort to not steal the first phrase that came to mind from frank i think i've got it.

industrial abandonment: the youngstown effect

i wonder how many more years it will take me to actually get the balls to finish what i want to start
unhinged or maybe

unhinged: the youngstown effect

would be better since a majority of the stuff i would put in it would be stuff i wrote on blather.
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