fairydust i am fairydust. ask away...comments please?...no one? okay, i will go back to my hole now. 000327
clairee why? 000331
jimmee hmmm... 000403
fairy dust, eh?

is that what will rule the streets when tinkerbell becomes the pusher?


slipping into madness can be fun, but best be sure you can climb back up again
puppy smiling. frown. confused 000407
fairydust tinkerbell already is the pusher.
flaoting about your useless head,
drawing you into her glittering web.

i am sorry. it is all my fault.
we have no control over the madness.
those damn stairs,
they went and dissapeared,
leaving me here all alone on the third floor.
vevee i like to spread it around 000414
marjorie in 7th grade, i had to give a presentation on PCP- angeldust.. now, this is not fairy dust, but i bet it's pretty close.. so i put on wings, a halo, and i threw pixy stix out at people... twas a grand success... prepubescent persons stuffed with sugar listening to me ramble about horse tranquilizers... 000415
birdmad who be you?

how be you?

how many times around the sun
have you spun?
jennifer looks really cool when viewed from downsideup 000609
Silent Bob Maybe if all of us were a little downside up we could solve the problems of the world. and this fairydust epidemic is pretty hectic if ya ask me!

We must protect our children and outlaw any talk of fairydust on tv. so if its ever mentioned, we'll splice the word, bleep it our. Long Live Censorship!
fairydust just checking 010623
eric ooh, fairydust and french milkmaids, for what more could you ask? 011003
. : * p s y b o r g * : . delicious 011029
stars There's this girl I know, who used to wish everything could be covered in fairy dust.. she dreamt of perfect places and sunshine. Winter was never melancholy, it was white and pure. Her heart was full and her eyes were searching. She loved life and loved to live it. She had everything she thought she could ever need. :: The grass was never greener on the other side.. because she was always on that side. .. But it was a sad sad day.. when she finally woke up. 011029
lost awwww man y cant i dream like that? even my dreams are from the dead grassed side of the hill. basterds! 011029
kirstie i want fairydust so i can sprinkle it on all of the lovly people that cross my paths so that they will know that i too share their joy 020220
Casey Foolish fairy dust. I think it is produced when fairies have orgasms. Why do you think Tinkerbell always hung around Peter Pan, she had a thing for a boy in green tights, and she always got jealous of Wendy. 020221
lost i like the way you think casey. 020221
distorted tendencies Fly away. 020222
fairydust has no origin
problematic in disguises
who knows really,
only suggestions
makes me feeeeel good
to ramble
i mean feeeel.
sisyphus a realworld fantasy that grows from the eyes of children and air exhaled at night. 060111
what's it to you?
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