writes_in_the_sand "dyu jifu dooe oiufi?"
hoyk fo mbig vigl dir.

"iro yrutk diioe sewwy, fuxa ixa oss. osd krruewwq." pouy dwucm, jiiuv sx.
monadh pardon? 010311
Aimee excuse me can I be you for a while? My dog won't bite if you sit real still. I got the anti-christ sitting in the kitchen yelling at me again. 010311
the swinger of birches excuse me while i kiss the sky and turn to you begging for something, silent in the corner, i'm still begging beneath the plastic skin of illusion
you see me lame crippled like that rotten tomato shrivled, pathetic, giddy fool
or maybe that is the way i see myself, standing in front of you not in anyway before you
i am that obstacle still investing time and effort on your power, trying to grab hold of something much too sweet and much too strong for me
something much to good that i can't have
oh i thought i'd ask for your eternal friendship but i never considered that you had already given up that hand
i found that picture yellow in that shoe box underneath your bed
we stood in the western horizen, zen it was that day
but anymore i'm still unsure of what to believe, because time has given up and maybe i have too.
Toxic_Kisses Excuse me? = I don't think I understood what you just said, could you please repeat yourself?

Excuse me = the polite way of saying move out of my way otherwize I'll walk/run into you
x i'm in pain

and it's all my own fault

why can i type this, but not type about the allotment of time to different types of reading and writing activities in my classroom?

my reoccurring thoughts about explanations i could give my professor would make a funny skit

ok, i take it back. even this is hard to type. effexor says hello.
jane you'll have to excuse me, my ice cubes are getting dry 050314
flowerock. On the train today an elderly woman sat near the door with her walker. When her stop came up she said "excuse me, excuse me... excuse me could someone help... could someone... I need to get off" holding up her hand. I barely noticed but did just in time. No one seemed to notice her quiet request for help. I jumped up and over to her holding out my hand. She had a surprisingly strong grip in her small bony hand and pulled herself up, scooting her walker along to the door leaning on my hand until she was over the Crack between the train and the platform. She thanked me and continues on her way.
I wasn't wearing headphones, I don't usually on the train since it's so loud I have to blast my ears to hear anything... most people had headphones on or in... I hope that's why I was the only one who moved to help. I can forgive deafness to the music and blindness to the screen... sure... but did anyone hear or see her needing help and just not help by choice?

I enjoy these kinds of interactions. I touched her hand, I try not to touch the arm rests.
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