endless desire question for the veterans: how have things changed around here? 060406
meta meta 060407
meta? bueller? there's less obsessions and kitty-freak-out hours. although there's more of that british "meta". versus the american lack of restraint of non-meta posts, maybe? meta, what's your theory? i seem to think meta is distinctly british, for some reason. (perhaps the australians or canadians can help us figure it out...) 060407
Ouroboros has the constituency of internet users changed in the past 8+ years? 060407
oren Some of the names have changed.
There's still poetry.
There's still nonsense.
There's still insightful prose.
There's still humor/humour.
There's still hatred.
There's still stalking.
There's still friendship.
There's still venting.
There's still invention.
There's still loneliness.
There's still new ideas.
There's still mystery.
Some of the names have changed.
jane it has for sure had its ups & downs... well, maybe not ups & downs but more of a circle, a big ouroboros (i couldn't resist adding in my favorite symbol)... cycling around & eating it's own tail 060409
not drunk again there's less bitter infighting
or maybe i'm just seeing it less
or maybe i'm instigating it less.
ivyducktwilightseto there seems to be a little less blathering than about two years ago, or a year ago... i don't know. 060409
thorn I think it's a bit quieter than it was a few years ago when I first came. And there does seem to be less fighting. 060410
LS Blatherers mature more in time, being people, after all. The focus is as random as ever. Always has, and will be, a good model for people in general... 060410
Syrope it seems less active, but that's probably because i'm online less with the hectic-ness 060411
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endless_desire im sad that i know so few people around here now. the pages feel lonely because things are so out of context for me. 061011
endless desire why the hell did i just write that with an underscore? 061011
stork daddy i guess i'm still here. but where did the magic go? 061011
Wasandru This place has its own set of Fates, Stork_Daddy. Do you think the magic will return? Could it have continued unabated?

Was it the newslinks? Was it the didacticism and the arguments? Too many messianic_complexes and angst-chroniclers? Was it... the palindromes?

Probably the Blather of 2000-2002 is more poetic whereas afterwards it becomes more prosaic, but I mean "prosaic" in in friendly way.

Blather is what it eats, and it has been fed some strange things. Blather's diet has probably become junkier in the past few years, and I have certainly thrown it several rum-cakes and many donuts since my relatively recent arrival.

There are interesting little canters strewn all about this place, but familiarity breeds impatience....

In my esteem, I arrived in the middle of Blather's fourth_chapter and with the arrival of the "empty guest" I'd say we've entered Chapter_Six. It seems the plot may have only thickened.
u24 what is change if not merely a change in perception? 061012
stork daddy blather, it's not you, it's me. 061012
u24 indeed. 061012
grendel i suppose this makes me the neanderblatherthal 061012
Floptolemy Need more blather magic? Send your skites to their doom via a portal! Worked wonders for me. 061012
endless desire aww stork daddy & user24: i miss you guys. i miss this place. 061012
stork daddy the feeling is mutual. 061012
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