daxle la la la love you
a whistle has the potential to be extrememly pleasing or extremely irritating
like when my brother does is, it's almost inevitably just to annoy me so it grates me
but when we're whistling together in the back seat to cheesy 70's songs it the greatest sound ever
MollyCule after I got my lip pierced, I couldn't whistle for about 5 months . . . and I whistle backwards, anyway. I'm just odd all around, aren't I? 000521
WoNDERGIRL "But you can't whistle?" he says, laughing.

Maybe I do love him, after all.
endless desire my papa always had a way of calling us. he thought calling our names was pointless. and i always had to agree with him. it's been that way since we were little, the three of us aimlessly wandering. all of the sudden, we hear my papa's whistle. it is a comforting whistle, with only two notes. anywhere we were, if we heard that whistle we came running. i always figure it was more sensible than him shouting at us from far away. in any store, he could find us in an instant. it was perfect. even now, when i hear a whistle i turn around. and while, he lives 70 miles away, when i am on campus and i hear a whistle, i still go looking, hoping that he is somewhere near. hoping that his arms will embrace me. there is nothing like my father's arms. and his smell. it is a beautiful smell. when my father one day passes away, i want all of his white business shirts from his suits. i want to keep them safe, where his smell will always linger. but i dread the day, after my father is gone, that i hear a whistle and still go looking. the thought nearly brings me to tears. you see, we all idolize my father. fred and annie and i (we are technically his children. the other ones are my ninos). in our minds, my father rarely commits a deed that cannot be deemed honorable. fred does not dare speak a harsh word about him. it is against his own code, because he wants my father to remain perfect in his eyes. I was finally able to come to the realization that my father is not perfect and never has been. he left my mum when she had an infant and two kids under five. we were so poor and i guess we struggled. at the time, i thought we were the richest people alive, though. funny how love is the best substitute for riches. funny how i am so comforted by whistles when most people would feel like a dog frantically running to their master if they came when their father whistled. but it is not like. it just really isn't. 030611
I read this
voodoo i can't

he said
if i would've known
you can't whistle
i would have never
became your boyfriend

possibly the stupidest
thing ever to
leave someone's brain
kermits_perfect_rainbow_/^\ that commercial, is it starburst? 040229
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