grendel airplanes circle
one car
two cars

wasted or well-used

to everyone
to no one at all
(to anyone?)

ant bites
sound bites
lancet pricks, needle sticks

catalog of a million pointless thoughts and actions staring back twisted from the funhouse_mirror

only i'm the reflection with the crooked_head, lingering long after the object that cast it has since slipped away

soulesswanderer She sat on the window sill, one leg curled under her, her head resting gently on her closed fist. She sighed, and gracefully rose to walk across the room. Was this all her life was going to amount to? Sitting here on the inside, looking out at all the busy people with their fulfilling lives? Sometimes she didn't even care. She was used to being alone, used to being lonely. She was alone in the house all most all day, and suffered through her company every night when insomnia struck. She shuddered, hating her self, and hating the world. She wrapped her arms around her, tugging her sweater closer. She resumed her pacing in the room that had become her sanctuary, wishing it was different, but knowing it would never be. Reaching the door, she stopped, and hesitantly placed her hand on the knob. Then, she stopped dead. Her eyes clouded with memories. Out there wasn't safe. She pivoted, walking briskly back to the window. She shivered as she stared unseeingly at the sun beating down on the water. She couldn't see the beauty of the world. The gentle breeze whispering through the autumn leaves, the soft, rounded waves slowly creeping up the sand, then retreating, leaving behind small treasures that would light up children's eyes, and cause the air to fill up with their unsoiled, full hearted laughter when found. All she could see was death, destruction, waste, cruelty, betrayal. The memories came flooding back, no matter how hard she tried to stop them. So, she slid down to the floor, curled up into a ball, and let them come. 040405
ambermoon you have to stop this
its unhealth and
to some its unfair
how can you get up every morning
and look at yourself
and like what you see
things have to change
ambermoon things are going to soon 040501
oldephebe and so then she unfurled her fury in her great black fist and taught to her children the way of brutality...

O sweet nurture you have been so far from me..I saw it shimmering there and reached for it and then she slammed the drawer on my fingers...

all that glimmers is not good for the soul
oE "...and then the drawer slammed on my fingers.."
what's it to you?
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