ryro For a minute
we had fun there
in the beginning
when I could love you
because I did

but that all changed
as you spiraled
and I fell numb
and you landed
more softly than you deserved

You didn't die
but didn't quiet recover
and you looked at me
but you should have shook me
to wake me from the nightmare
because I didn't

and here we are
at the end
hopefully awake
Pablo Neruda Night travel: black flame of sleep
that snips the threads of the earth's grapes,
punctual as a headlong train that would haul
shadows and cold rocks, endlessly.

Because of this, Love, tie me to a purer motion,
to the constancy that beats in your chest
with the wings of a swan underwater,

so that our sleep might answer all the sky's
starry questions with a single key,
with a single door the shadows had closed.
chocolatewalrus 1
we began as friends
and we ended as friends
what were we in the middle?

we are friends
i liked you a lot
but i came here
and now you don't talk to me

i liked you
but you like her
and she likes you
but not enough for sustainment
i'm over it but
the situation is strange

we were best friends
but we stopped hanging out
we still call each other best friends
but we haven't been since ninth grade
we don't tell each other anything
i miss you

i met you at running camp
i feel like i have known you for a million years
we hang out all the time
we are probably best friends
but we have never really said it

you've been friends with my roommate for years
i liked you when i met you
but there is something about you that displeases me occassionally
i have yet to put my finger on it
but i close my eyes and breathe
whenever i feel like screaming at you
it happens only when we are around other people
namely just one
you are my other best friend
we've conversed on this subject

you say i am your coolest friend from high school
we never hung out that much in school
but we hung out all the time every summer
you make me laugh and smile
i miss you
but everytime i think about it, i always wonder what it is about me that you think is so cool

i live with you
there are so many things i hate about you
but i can't help but like you
i love being with you
but when i am not with you, i hate to think about when i have to be with you again
i don't like that i feel like this
i am a horrible person
i am working on saying nicer things about you to people
maybe i wasn't meant to live with people

you were my favorite person in high school
you are still one of my favorite people
i can tell you anything
and be strange in my strange way at the same time
we can be funny and serious
and run and everything
i can't imagine ever not being your friend
i can't remember ever not being your friend, but there was a time
what's it to you?
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