psyki in my room?
in the shower?
in an airplane?
lokkust when is it safe to eat? 000219
camille after death eeeeeeekks sounds morbid.. but true 000219
doggy with earmuffs and cheap wine 000221
lotusflower i don't feel safe
in the dead of night
when a strange lady
taps on my bedroom window.
lotusflower and my bedroom is on the second floor. 000310
amy not with me here. 010226
Dafremen the arms of everything around me.

Ohh beautiful sky thank you for your warm embrace.

Ohh solid earth beneath my feet, thank you for giving me life.

Ohhh plants and animals and stars and clouds and EVERYTHING EVERYTHING EVERYTHING!

I will be back with you again soon enough and we can laugh at all of the silly things I've done while I was here as a human! Heheh
g ? 010303
Tank "never felt i could call anywhere home, till i fell asleep here in your arms." (c) meshell n'degeocello 010317
jete Where will i go?
What will they say
when the know
i know
the way;
The way to happiness
the way to life
the way to love
the way to safety.
everyone wants to be safe.
i'm safe on this paper
i'm safe
here in my head.
yummychuckle in his arms.

but i havent been there enough to know for sure.
Roger Dafremen try replacing "in his arms" with
"on my own two feet" Chuckles.

It's safer, trust me.
tit she tells me to wait.
but what am i waiting for?
fairy tales dont happen in this life of mine
this princess kisses frogs to no avail
could she be a happy ending, a happily ever after?
or even a good witch that grants me a wish or two?
or am i waiting for christmas to come in july?
give my more direction
dont just tell me what to do
tell me im safe in doing it
ClairE I leaned over and said, my eyes on him, "It makes me feel dizzy just to look at him."

Annie thought about this, and replied, "Kris makes me feel safe."

I remember those days.
reitoei safe from what? we can never be safe from ourselves 020114
hope You're safe and sound
Until you hit the ground
You know it's a long way down
may I live like you I think it's safe to say that we've been here before.
I just want to sleep on the floor.
stop expecting change.
I'm a lost cause.
Hopeless beyond beleif.
phallusdei who's safe. noone. unless you expect the worst. 040322
earth please, who are you 050123
pete "Call me a safe bet. I'm betting I'm not. I'm glad that you can forgive. " 050705
what's it to you?
who go