jennifer boondoggles is a cool place in the ozone (in Lincoln) to get pride stuff, anarcy stuff, heretic stuff and just about any other stuff you can think of 000108
jennifer too bad anarcy is really spelles anarchy 000108
jennifer gives up 000108
bee myself at this very moment, for doing everything they said i couldn't do. and in a new dress. a pretty one with lace. boys can see straight up and inside, but that's okay. 000108
Zoe i'm so damn proud of myself! my friend is in love with this guy who lives far away. my other friends and i just got him to drive down and see her. he just surprised her and she just about died! ha ha ha! 000719
Tank how i feel about these words that just keep dripping, dripping, dripping... 010325
Annie111 i am proud to be australian. And irish. and german. and scottish. It's all good. I like rich red islands in the sun. 011127
ClairE I like to be proud; it's the one fault that I really love.

A vice.


I wish I could be more proud all the time. I'd like to eat pride up, like good bread.

ClairE I am proud that I kissed E_man. It was scary, because I didn't know if he wanted me to--but he did. Three cheers for ClairE! 011128
ClairE Nick_the_leprechaun: I can never spell this damn word
ClairE: Which one?

N: senserly
N: is that is
N: it

C: sincerely?

N: yup

C: yay!
~gez~ nobody_somebody_everybody_anybody 020830
silentbob Why should anyone feel proud to be an american? I'm not trying to be mean, i'm just trying to see it from someone else's point of view. it seems to me we're all here because our parents were here and their parents had them. it really isn't something that we worked for. other people worked for it to become what it is today, not us. we're just here. that isn't something to be proud of. it just is what it is.

Sure, we can certainly appreciate what we do have. i know i appreciate being able to get in a car and go to a 24 hour restarant and pay for food and drive back without getting my skull busted in by police or criminals. but yeah. there's a lot in this place to be ashamed of. and it just seems like nationalistic blind patriotism when people are all "I'm proud to be an american." because... i guess i just don't feel the same. and that's ok.

i guess maybe its just As Chuck Palahniuk might say

"Proud" isn't the right word, but it's the first word that comes to mind.
bill hicks what'd we ever do to be americans? our parents had sex here. that should be on the american flag...our parents having sex. see who salutes it then. 021206
no reason maynard at tool concert:

"We'd like to apologize for our country. Can we live here instead?"
Syrope i've masturbated 4 times in the past 3 hours

i'd say that's something to be proud of.

maybe it's good i didn't come over last night

we really do have to get around to telling your roommate.
what's it to you?
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