emily a lot of something...mmmm--i have a plethora of candy 000628
The Schleiffen Man i have a plethora of foot materials... just ask molly or brad... 000628
Santos from one of my favourite bad movies, Three Amigos

EL GUAPO: "Jefe...
would you say that there was a PLETHORA of pinatas?"

JEFE: "Yes...Yes."

"Jefe, do you even know what a 'plethora' is?"

funny that the guy who played the heavy in that movie is actually a fairly good director in his own right.


visual poetry...
i'm telling you
Splinken "how can you tell that its a mail plane?" 000629
grendel "didn't you see it's little..." 000629
A mate plethora means an excess, oversupply or glut of something.

"I have a plethora of candy" means that you have an excessive amount of it - more than you need.

If you want to improve your knowledge of words like this go to and subscribe to the word of the day.
calypso calling upon a plethora of mundane nonsense
i sit and ponder myself senseless
bethany NO, potzer!
we find this fecking plethora of high heels somewhere that weild fantastic powers. when you wear them they are ordinary but when thrown, dun dun dun, they have been known to burn houses, make you grow uglt nipple hair or worse yet...FINS!!!!!! Truly you do not one of these cursed shoes to fall upon you! So we regulate with them, BITCH. That's what you do with a dead cumdumpster's shoes! and you're all on about clicking your heels and muttering about are not one of the Amazon, I can tell.
searching a plethora of culinary experts marred the consumme' 020215
gertrude sting cabbage is fundamentally fun in large bunches. 020807
82 give me a plethora 030512
jane good word
but you didn't need me to tell you that
joda I don't know if it was said in a movie, but a lot of people, who don't usually use such extensive examples of a well-rounded vocabulary, use it to no end.

I think it's sad when people only know one big word.

What's wrong with the little ones, if they get the point across?
/anon dude it was said in the movie "Three Amigos"! duh! 030514
/anon like santos sa 030514
sameolme pleth ora ple thora pleth ora
ple thora pleth ora ple thora
pletho ra pleth ora ple thora
pleth ora pleth or a pleth......
misstree just woke up pleather, aaaah...
wonderful until it starts sticking to the butt...
Zsiga close to reaching infinity, but not quite. 040404
sameolme Plethora! My love!
I've come back for you!
I forgive you for your daliance
with Steve Martin, I realize he
is better at mouthing you.
Quick lets go now,
before they catch on.
Syrope like_water_for_chocolate

i want to see that.
i loaned the book out & the asshole lost it...i never did get a replacement
Borealis I read like water for chocolate years ago.
I never could get out of my mind the place where the main character's mother breaks her nose.

chicken feathers
and blood
and a wooden spoon

that is all that book has left with me, no real memories, no names, no places, no events...
just a dirty spoon

call it a bad habit
what's it to you?
who go