splinken One, Two, Three, let's go.

let's drive down my street with a baseball bat and destroy all the mailboxes. let's eat candy for dinner. let's all fall asleep piled on each other in the middle of the living room floor. let's talk during the movie.

let's skip italian 201.
gwyllynne last night they were filming Dracula 2000 at Pirate's Alley, so there went my chance to have a glass of my favorite wine......

oh well, went home not before stopping off and getting me a nice bottle of Chaucer's meade....yum!
pat sajak miso squid airplane predestined artifice drapery xenon placard truncheon omnibus aristotle cornflake enema diet rite 020104
ClairE Definitely inferior to robots.

god suspender transducer repeater.
Sky C. Bulkington Arrr! What the hell do ye bastards know of the scurvy pirates of the sea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Inferior to robots?? No freaking way!
phil Cpt

10 2
Things draggin I decided to come into piracy.

10 8
I lost eye to crok and my leg has swollen up like melon from scurvy.

10 27
Right now we're sailho to Newfndlnd. I must relate to the Viking, Harth about some booty found with us a wile bark, it should go about as good as it can dealing with stolen booty. The crews been a-bit untidy, they know the boat and I keeps their mind clear of mutiny.

12 3
Some huge manity washed up shore the day the leaving...fir sea. The older scubs mistook har far a mermaid and against my insistance deceded to hoast the thing up board. They given it a hat and a parrot. Narthin to wreet ye aboot.

12 4
The men are talking about cards again, I new we should've brought some. Arr.

1 8
Ar food she suddenly ain't so well, I tharth lemon pie would be a pleasent suprese, however, fer be dreering the men throats up horrible.

1 12
I still haven't weary of sailing and the crew have spirit. No accidents have arised, all purposefull attempts on each others lives. It keeps the men at peace with theirselves and with their manity. Ah well, "HAAAR!!" I still have my bottle of Jack too keep my mind swaying with the waters.

1 13
Started to feel we earnt moving at all. I's be assured by the blowing that we arr.
Rotten77 Pirates r awesome!!! I have a pirate flag on my cieling and my teddy bears wear eyepatches and carry pirate swords. Plus, Orlando Bloom is gonna b in Pirates of the Carribean! That's two of my favorite things in one! 030505
sabbie i was sent a picture of pirate_cthulu once.

i need nothing else in my life.
sabbie my two obsessions
cunningly rolled into one.

im thinking of getting it tattooed.
josh robots ninjas monkeys pirates

they are my four favorite things!
alison you can always trust a dishonest person to be dishonest, honestly, it's the honest ones you have to watch out of. You never know when they are going to do something stupid. = Captian Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Carribean 041106
Borealis its time to commandeer a vessel
and sail far far away..
to neverneverland?
I'll say..
smurfus rex my high school mascot is a pirate, and Pete is the coolest of the three high school mascots.

PCNorth's is a panther, his name is OJ. (I don't know why, either...)

PCWest's is a patriot...I don't remember if he has a name or not.

christ on a pogo stick...my 10-year reunion is next summer...:(
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