t moonlit incandescent streetlight
watches me lean
forward to kiss you
lizard the wind blows around me engulfing me with grace the shingles gritty and cold under my feet trying to focus only on the smoke i blow melodicly into the night sky but the moon is there shouting down at me that he is the same moon who listened as she whispered forever into my ear the same moon who reigned while she ran her fingers through my hair the same moon who observed us with a wise detatchment while she locked her fingers with my own and said i love you always, for you are me.
the same moon that now sends waves of sadness my way, reminding me that he was also there when she said she couldn't be with me anymore, the same moon that watched me sob into patches of clover in a vain attempt for comfort and camoflauge, the same moon who heard my cries drift towards her as she stood stoic, watching.
sadness has hit me again and this time, i won't take being sad. brief shots of adrenaline resolution in my independence shoot straight into my jugular, and in my current frame of mind, i spit towards the moon.
disillusioned words i whisper into the air, praying that someone will hear, so that they may use the moon to light up their sky, and not to get burnt.
moonshine common obsessions 000522
gregg is much better than being sunburnt. 000522
me its the same as walking in the shadow of an angel
its the same as having a second hand spotlight in your face
kat and you will always be
warm as the sand and the sun
will always dance for you.
TalviFatin My skin so white, glazed by the bright moon, evening surrounds my soul. I am lost and confused, no one here for my console. Hiding away, shy and hurt, finding to be moon burnt. 011029
. . 050727
sanguineous the moon in it's whole form stretches my brain to areas i never thought i could reach. teases the conscious and nibbles at the sane. 050727
pete i wake frozen by the growing scabs across my soul, remembering how the moon shone in my window the night before giving me false dreams of beautiful things 050728
three words dreams_lie_in_wait_beneath_the_melting_snow a_dream_of_suffocation moonburnt 051112
stray crave the dark, the inky abyss of a puddle. even at night i am moonburnt 070704
Ouroboros this_is_how_i_found_this_site 070704
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