Annie111 Such a fucking dumb word, I hate it. It is me. 020102
cube It's a great word. It implies swiftness of mind as the wing-footed Roman god Mercury.

Planet of Gemini. These people are very quick - and more than a little moody. Check carefully before engaging in conversation :-)
kerry i think it's a pretty word... sounds very...

sarpedon From summer to winter,
I watch the thermometor
Bob up and down
Lower and lower

And I know that in due time
It will rise up again
The mercury will reach its
Former glory

But emotionally I've never
Felt that grand elation
And instead have been
Relegated to stay in
Perpetual winter

I have mercurial hope
That summer will rise

But I am resolved to wait and
Freeze, watching the ice build
As a reminder of the time passing

I have mercurial hope.
unhinged they purify and consume it
the best cure
what was once poison
transformed into life
misstree quicksilver shifts like
a gleam, like a wind with no pause between
this and that, between
here and where now?
shift your weight swiftly,
foot to foot, ready to leap,
and when the moment bites,
burst, feint, dive, and pounce.
pipedream now you see it, now you don't. welcome to my life. 031219
magicforest He called me that. 031220
x ricochet thought development
IGG my favourite word.
can't believe i've not posted on this before.
brilliantly onomatopoeic!

also three_words on the homepage just spat out

mercurial chocolate friend
no reason whenever i forget what this word means, i look it up
i forget again; time to look it up
no reason or just look to the top of this page (apparently i'm not very mercurial) 110329
re_alisma i went to a college that has a last name. a kid, in 8th grade, showed up for geometry tutoring last fall. he has the same last name as my college. his first name is the same as my first love at college, and, in fact, he acts very similarly. furthermore, his father has the same first name as my first love's best friend. so, there they were again, my first love and his best friend, and this time he was 13, I was 35, the best friend was who knows how old, and they wanted tutoring. And it was like signing on the dotted line, this is college business.

i would call it the work of angels. angels are amazing, and mercurial, and god knows, they can make you cry, big time. i thought i would break apart when this happened. i might be coming to the end of tutoring this kid, and while it's a relief to not be stressed in this way, I'm starting to feel like I'm losing that first love all over again. And he always does this to me. Pops up at inopportune times to remind me..... but the truth is, i'm done with him in the active, accurate, and agile way, and i should try not to call to him when i need help... because i think that might have happened too, at some point... so this was a little stern, saturnine hand of an angel telling me to say goodbye. AGAIN. sad.
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