Strideo A Fun Test
by matt_groening

Start this fun test with 73 lucky bonus points.

If you are female, add 4.

If male, subtract 5.

If you live on a small island in the pacific all by yourself, add 3.

If you live in a small apartment in a large city with a roomate who whistles, subtract 4.

If any grandparent lived to be 93, add 2.

If you had to attend any grandparent's open-casket funeral, subtract 2.

If you work behind a desk, subtract 2.

If your work requires lifting desks, subtract 3.

If you work with computers, subtract 2.

If you dream about computers, subtract 3.

If you work on a catwalk above huge vats of noxious boiling liquids, subtract 5.

If you drink coffee, subtract 1.

If you are annoyed by the phrase "Have a nice," subtract 3.

If you have eaten a donut in the last 10 years, subtract 4.

If you have ever even thought about going to graduate school, subtract 2.

If you get into luod arguments with strangers on buses, subtract 2.

If you live with a spouse or a friend, add 2.

If the spouse or friend is a poet, subtract 3.

If you have ever worn leather pants, subtract 1.

If you wear sunglasses at night, subtract 3.

If you are impressed by rock stars who pout, subtract 2.

If you are impressed by performance artists who pelt you with meat by-products, subtract 3.

Are you angry and vindictive, or from New York? subtract 2.

Are you relaxed and mellow? subtract 2.

Are you hip and self-satisfied, or from Los Angeles? subtract 3.

If you resent this test, subtract 3.


your score at this point is your life expectancy.

Have a nice day.

kookaburra hey looky!
im gonna be 73.
yayyyyyyy me!
Strideo Oh, that means you don't have a job yet ;)
dosquatch I'm already dead. Bummer. 040503
love & hate hopefully not much longer if my luck kicks in. 040504
notme 73. i somehow don't think so. 040504
Borealis *coughs*..
seems I'll cop out around the ripe old age of 51.
I expected something more like 33...
seems to be the trend with composers
x until my eyes fully roll into my head and obstruct traffic 040504
minnesota_chris I'm planning on retiring at age 90, and dying around 100. I don't know if I'll actually live that long, but it's a horrible thing when people live for more years than they have planned. They just sit around watching daytime tv. 040505
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl 65. Great.
Only another 50 years of boozing! QUICK! GET THE KEG!
endless desire 65 as well. but it seems so much longer. 040505
PrincessParanoia 58. but hopefully not. hopefully i'll be gone long before then. 040506
Dosquatch Of course you will be. "They" have already decided so. I have the time and date right here, but I'm not allowed to tell you. 040506
considering the fabulous genes i'm carrying around, i'll be surprised to see 55.

considering my fondness for sugar-laden goodies and the occasional round of good stiff drinks, as a diabetic, i think maybe even 40 might be a bit of a stretch
bird oops, defaulted to blank, how apropos. 040507
stingRay 42 has got to be the ultimate limit but it could be sooner, unless something really important comes up 040508
ivyducktwilightseto I will live until I finally make someone truly happy. Then I will be happy as well.

Knowing this, I will die.

And I will be happy
shivers 69
yes, lol
Syrope haha 58

i always predicted closer to 38
...AntiqueClocks... yay! I will be 69!! Can I add that to my age??? 040918
jane 57 081020
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