oh pee um i carry my eyes wide
against the time when i
will have to live
with just the memory of you,
welling in my wrists...
no way ! I know who you are, your a Cat!
nevermind nothing wrong with Rhian Horn now is their!

and I didn't forget EmJ either, brave heart!
Syrope float into my consciousness just as im falling asleep...and the memory makes me smile, or cry, or cringe, or shudder, and i say to myself "i should remember this tomorrow and think about it thoroughly..." but then i'm asleep...and in the morning i can't remember 020622
somebody Sometimes I stumble across blathes I wrote many years ago that I've forgotten about.

And then I feel...regret. And shame.

But then I feel relief. Because I've grown.
zeke dusty,
kicked under edges
and rolled behind spaces
coated with the detritus of time
and life lived

cast aside into
twilit and shadowed passage
beyond some wall recently built
swept up with the discarded and broken
seen no more

when wreakage collapse
and pile settles
dust compact and smothering
slow tick acretion of layers
Borealis until I spoke with you this week, I had completely forgotten how much your parents disliked my background.
that is, the half latina thing.

it still completely eludes me.

unhinged what it feels like to have something besides covers hold me
the sensation of him
holding me in
is all but gone
i am tired
and i am sick
of being alone
but i've forgotten how to
sacrifice myself
to be attractive to others
life begins to feel futile again
lucky Don't become a long gone and forgotten thing. Change. Get help. Before you eat yourself and all those around you. 040826
Borealis what are you talking about?! 040826
suicidalchinadoll you've left her little choice 040827
unhinged that's why mostly i stay by myself; so my disease doesn't eat others too 040827
kookaburra sometimes i fear i'll be outgrown 040827
thunderbuck ram forgotten things are of no consequence. Remembered things should be cherished 040828
tombe_seul i've come across a few things
not remembered having said
"what the hell did you say that for,"
the only thought running
through my head.
pSyche all hiding in the dusty corners of my mental room. Under my bed, maybe in the closet. So many forgotten things to remember. I need to stop learning new things. 041218
Splinty like me. and you.
when we're gone and forgotten,
there's not much we can do
three words forgotten_things want enlightening 061019
Emptyness Alive forgotton lives
forgotten moments
forgotten lies
Lemon_Soda forgotten people.
forgotten past.
forgotten future.
thieums What do we remember
Of the days of old?
What do we remember
Of the times of our ancestors?
What do we remember
Of the pain we caused?
Doar many forgotten_things,

but more importantly,


what's it to you?
who go