mahayana {if}
you let them
unhinged yes i let them
i could not let my anger overcome
bury you where you belonged
and the cycles repeated themselves
i had predicted it
but i could not go back on my word
and you don't realize that
do you?
i forgave you because i had to
i needed you
and now i feel sorry for you
because i know
that never have you wanted love
but control
and all those things you babbled to me long ago
about knowing yourself
dear, i know you better than anyone in this world
i wanted to save you
i needed you
and still you don't call
still you go looking for your attention
because you know you have none of that over me
love controls everything
and slowly you eat it away
those special words just meaningless_conversation
your self-fulfilling prophecy
kx21 M_error... 020415

god psychos repeat psychos repeat 020620
jonh attempted change
only it never came
a step in the right direction
followed by a stumble backwards
another step outward to regain balance
a new position...
the same as before
how much of this i can take
i dont know
not alot more
need a more permanent and secure path
whitechocolatewalrus even if you don't let them 031203
a "point" the_cycle_of_seasons 041220
pSyche yes
it repeats
this endless cycle of stupidity.
like clothes,
tumbling in the dryer of time.
I make a mistake
I hurt you
you hurt me back
we drift away
then come back
and then another mistake is made
repeating the cycle.
The fabric of our love is being shredded
then sewn together.
One thing, my love,
stitches are not meant to last
these cycles repeat and
the seams tear at each heartbeat
known rabbit hater the_ironic_cycle 041221
Piso Mojado i am an agitated mind
i am an addicted mind
addicted to emotions
addicted to the comfort i pretend to create for myself.

this shell
this is bad patterns i've created for myself
i am living in the world of my creation-
and this freedom to choose
becomes my prison

escape is not escape
realize that there are no bars
Piso Mojado everything adds up 050222
Piso Mojado JUST STOP written on my hand is supposed to help provide impetus but here i am

things change, nothing changes
i am patterns and habits

and it grows and repeats
hsg Still, i_c the only perpetual_motion_machine as the universe. There seems to be this pervasive need for all the parts to communicate.

Psyche_alls repeat becoming less tolerable until there is commun i_c ation & FUNctionality between smaller and larger parts.


on the other_side_of_t_i'me often I'm learning that once a cycle is fully recognized as fruitless it is seen as a lesson. That life_cycle doesn't have to be lived again. Thosemotions are consolidated into inform ation.
These B lessons of one' soul_vocabulary. Later lives have an accelerated information base. Each grain of sand is a different character. It's not fun starting_over_as_sand learning to pay_attention paying full experience. It is necessary though if we forget instruction: First we pay_attention that cycle lesson ends, then we play_at_attention. Happi necessar ily is the only sustaina_B_lesson
hsg * play_at_tension

In_Bloom Push Play Pull
Steady as we go now
& change_is_the_only_constant_in_the_universe 090914
what's it to you?
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