notme 031210
hsg eat less
bike more
consume less
fuck more
nom pardon my dead url 061016
hsg we're all seriously fucked.

vegan cyclists-that's a good start.

we need to restore balance to the big blue ball. or mother nature & father time'll have a bad case of blus_balls and will fuck us hard.

katrina ten times the volume and all over the place.

we're fucked. and for what? a burger & cheese? bangin' beats playing in ur suv?

fuck. damn. wtf am I supposed to do? no one gives a fuck, but we do, but so many just don't really know, but do care, and just don't know.
hsg damn.

* blue_balls.

lief no! fuck *less* or with contraception! 061105
hsg upon closer inspection (because of course at first it looks like less pop = less pollution) you'll see that the reduction of human population is the agenda of the politics which are the ultimate cause of deterring positive actions, progess, etc.

more people. with guns. and knowledge. yes. people are not as stupid as some would have us believe. as we awaken to bthe corruption, we do act Enough to make the difference.
amy and the purplely apostrophe i have to remind myself that vengeance isn't mine, even though my friends and family can't even listen to, let alone understand all I've been through. None of all that is a me-deal but a logic that I latched onto. Which is something I do despite my pure as the driven snow nobility of spirit. (Joking)

And recognizing that lack of intellectual property and ownership has bad consequences for interpersonal and collective politics - it's not me making a big deal and being troublesome. It's not me at all. Those peeps that insist on denial are making it about them and how much Jesus wants them to sleep in.

But I do want something intellectual to be mine one of these days. A goal. Also to date successfully by being TOTALLY PICKY! It's all in the astrology, really. All of it. Everything I said above, you Reagan babies think life is supposed to be fundamentally nice. Nice is hard (I put work into it) but you know when it's love because it works well. It's easy, but it won't solve climate change. The tides are changing -- last Jupiter Saturn conjunction in 2000 on Algol was more about being yourself, diamonds in roughs.

Life isn't about meanness tough love either though. Life is about nothing, or love and enough self control to be able to.

I always wonder if I've got enough chops to portray myself adequately to date-- my past doesn't really amount to much of a hall pass. I'm about to give it a shot, but my strategy is to be a bitch and let things speak for themselves. If they are a climate change denier that's a humongous deal breaker.
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