h|s|g asymptomatically 100821
h|s|g asymptotic without_a_glitch 100821
unhinged antiderivative


the photographic_memory
of high school math class
the boys i crushed on
when i should have been paying closer attention to
the things my brain refused to understand
unhinged i had calculus class in a trailer
the high school i graduated from
was fancy
the trailer had dry erase boards instead of chalkboards

my calculus teacher
mr. berger
(his name meant sheepherder in french; even as a teenager i had a dark sense of humor. it amused me that he taught calculus to high school students with a name like that)
was drawing graphs on the board
that were supposed to represent
what we were trying to do, find, figure out

'find the antiderivative of the function of blah blah blah as the lower limit approaches zero and the upper limit approaches infinity'

and i sat in class
staring at steve's knuckles over his shoulder
distracted by his big hands
wanting them all over my body
turned on as much as a virgin that only been kissed once could be turned on
in calculus class

and even as my skin ached
i thought
'how the hell can something approach infinity? and how the hell can mr. berger draw something on the board that is approaching infinity?'

the only reason i didn't absolutely dread calculus class
was because i got to sit behind steve klosterman

(he was the boy i spent my senior year of high school writing love poems about and making mix tapes for. )

ten plus years later
i kinda get it now

standing on the golden gate bridge
watching turtles get washed up on north shore
going to an easter mass in vienna
holding my niece the day she was born

approaching infinity
nit i bet you are one of those people that thinks Australia is in Europe.

What did you learn in high school?
That america is a separate planet?
wit Yeah nit, wit agrees. 100822
unhinged wow. thanks for the gross generalization that all americans are vapid stupid idiots.

i am very aware that australia is nowhere near europe asshole. your contributions to this community have been insipid at best. i have refrained from judging you until now, but you have made it impossible to keep my mouth shut.

because i don't understand calculus, doesn't mean i don't understand geography or can't spot an asshole when i see one.

quit flinging your ignorance around. it doesn't put you in a very flattering light.
unhinged or maybe some words you can understand:

ergo the nitwit brigade approaches infantilety 100822
nit people with pubes on their chin longer than 2 inches means that they are muslim hermoid phychos. 100822
flowerock approaching_light_speed 140201
unhinged the glitter of the frost
in the sunshine

the v of bare glass
the sun had melted on the windshield

the crow flies to the telephone wire
i hear its shit hit
the sidewalk

the frost melts
from the roof of the bus shelter

sun glasses
cold air

a a a

( sadhana_of_mahamudra )
what's it to you?
who go