impatient virgin
He stared down at his phone, typing a message to send to her. Without looking up, he asked,

"Don't you hate it when you are absolutely in love with someone and they have no idea?"

I tried to look at his face, into his eyes, but he was looking down, still typing.

"Yes." I replied.

Casey Don't you just hate the people who tell you every single little story and detail about their life? I don't mind that actually, it's when the person tells you the story about one hundred times! And you don't just want to tell them to shut the hell up because it would hurt their feelings. sigh 020204
silentbob im sitting in my shell. There's a world revolving outside. I'll have no part of it. I'm sick of being damaged. I'm sick of being mamed. I'm sick of searching for a girl that has no name. I'm by myself. i always will be. that should be acceptable.

this is good enough.
you should know who i am bobby, i fucking love you. 020205
ever dumbening buddhist_wisdom #3 020205
pralines&cream See how my back is turned?
No, don't you see that I don't fucking care?
Can't you tell by the way I stare stoicly at the ugly bird flying across the sky from behind my black sunglasses that what you say won't penetrate me?
Look at me and know that you don't hurt me!
See how I let what you say roll right of my face?
See how I don't give a damn?
Do you see that I might as well be dancing alone in my room, or vacuuming my house, or spilling a milkshake on my shirt ... that is how trivial this is to me.
Look at me and know that you can't hurt me, that what you say I can't hear, that I'm not crying, only staring, through you, beyond you.
Can you tell I don't care?
I hope you can.
Because inside i'm sobbing.
unhinged yeah, go on and babble about bubba. i'm just going to sit here and not say a word and blow bubbles with my bubble gum. 020206
searching i've conned everyone if i could just get myself to believe it. sucks...not caring, doesn't it? 020207
my silence.
my indifference.
my absence.
my backside to you.
my bitterness.

i just don't care.
what a crock!
( word for the day)
the fact is that i care too much.
this is just me pretending not to care!
pacify me, will you?!
puredream oh hey look!!!

emmi but if you say you miss me, i'll say i miss you too. 060715
what's it to you?
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