lokkust how can you not love this? 000515
donaldson when i was a kid, i was really afraid of them

but now, when we go to theme parks, i find the best one or two and ride them repeatedly

i'm still scared out of my wits, but i guess i'm more of a masochist than i used to be
hakdiggy man, am i glad it stopped. 000516
MollyGoLightly The Batman rollercoaster at six flags over georgia.


thank god it was rainy that day, the lines were really really short.
donaldson i rode the batman at six flags gurnee three times in a row last summer :o 000524
MollyGoLightly It's against the rules to run rollercoasters when it's raining, because the extra slickness on the tracks might cause unfortunate derailing accidents.

We were the first ones on the Ninja after the rain stopped. We felt very smug about it.

As we pulled out onto the track and up the first hill, it started to sprinkle.
Brad and she lived to tell the tale. 000524
marjorie everybody sees that girl
with the long bangs that get in her eyes
and the small mouth
puckered in a question
but nobody wants to tell her
nobody wants to say
this is just a staircase
that you are going up and down upon
and roller coasters are dangerous
if you do not strap yourself in
so we walk by her
and hand her barrets and bracelets
trying to get her attention for a few moments
so we can steer her away
from those stairs
that she keeps going up and down on
moonshine Escalators eat children.. not just merry go rounds, and big air vents. 000614
ClairE crap, roller_coaster is all alone... 011128
el chorizon ...of love!

(Say What?!)
whoknows weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! 011128
Annie111 This summer at six flags
We were lining up for the front of Nitro
And this preying mantis jumps in front of us.
Like green crab flesh in stick form
So i picked it up with Jack's hat
Which was smelly because he plays football
And it arched over to me with its stilt legs
Tilting its head like
it was on the discovery channel or something
It was really hot, and the sun had just gone down. the lights were really artificial and a fat man behind us said,
"It's illegal to kill those things"
Then it flew away, and confirmed my suspicions that preying mantis' could fly.
Josh was being josh, of course.
Then we rode the rollercoaster, at night, with the wind smacking into my face as we vertically dropped 200 feet.
I looked straight down at the gap between the ground and our pelvises, like there was no bar, just air, and threw my hands up in glee.
It was fantastic.
whoknows oh shyte!
i just realized i said the same thing MollyGoLightly said.
sorry 'bout that molly.
Hairthief I've never been on a rollercoaster, am I missing anything? 030205
Troops on Emotional Rollercoaster in Iraq
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