jennifer once upon a time there was a girl who sang poems woven from the shivers of the tattered children's corners and she scolded my intentional lack of concentration she pointed out my gibberish was leaving smudges at the edges and I said, "bask in the glorious blur of shattered borders, and don't be surprised at my callousness to callers I'm coming closer to the light that shines so bright and the story that I've written to them all ends in a postcard"

~~jennifer turner
hot ashes for trees wish you were here 010930
DannyH Weather is here. Wish you were beautiful 011001
squint Like a postcard
its just
for looks
a quick insincere hello
wish you were here.
i know
your wishes
don't even try to come true.
all the dreams
you've ever told me
were fabrications
derived from some
obscure comic book
where the villian and hero
are one and the same
but we don't know
til the last issue
that he fights no one
but himself.
Still, its the type of comic
where the first issue
is the most expensive
because the collectors
just don't get
what was being said.
your dreams
are just the black
behind your eyelids,
whats the use
in dreaming
when hope is a forgotten word
written on christmas cards
with impossible words
like peace and joy,
and we're down to that.
we're just postcards
of ourselves.
squint to be honest, i dont even know who this is about, so your email could have been right to pout. 020731
white_light I wrote my heart onto a postcard,
the love was like an address.
emmi they cover one of my walls, bringing back memories i'm trying not to remember because i'll just end up missing those things and people and places- maybe i should take them down... but then it would just be a bare ugly wall with paint chipping off where the postcards were taped 050128
the lights child Dearest ----,

I hope you are well and feeling every bit the awesome friend and woman that you are! You are always in my thoughts even if my postcards are slow to arrive :) My life has changed drastically since coming to Europe. It has been the cathartic and life altering experience that I always wanted despite never expecting it. I have lost my heart and found myself in this whirlpool of countries, sights, smells and peoples. I have spent 2 days and 2 nights wandering this region and falling in love with life and with the future. When I return I will have so much happiness to give you, my beautiful girl! Lots of love, ----

Riomaggiore -- the town where I have slept soundly with the bed bugs

People put padlocks on bridges and fences here to seal their love, but I wonder how many throw away the key?
what's it to you?
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