MollyGoLightly one time i asked my magic eight ball if i was pregnant. it said "yes."


this sent me into a panic. i asked it four more times. it said "yes" all four times.

i wasn't. goes to show how much faith to put in your milton bradley oracles.
Tank spectrum the oracle, a lovely young mannie i work with. 000731
The Schleiffen Man the oracle at delphi sent me flying once. around the moon with a magic eye that spots the missing cats and mittens. it told me of a life i'd never had for it had left me far behind, so i caught a new one that i liked since it was extremely hard to find. and as i wlaked home i dropped a quarter in the cup of the man who sits by the lake to pay homage to the shimmer light that dances just for me. 000731
the ancient and terrible Grendel yes, Delphi

The sibyl sat
she looked into my eyes
and fell silent.

and so she has remained through the ages ever since.

so dire was her vision she did not dare tell.
whirligirl The two monsters [i.e. sphinxes] were bathed in moonlight, and as Atreyu approached them, they seemed to grow beyond measure. Their heads seemed to touch the moon, and their expression as they looked at each other seemed to change with every step he took. Currents of a terrible, unknown force flashed through the upraised bodies and still more through the almost human faces. It was as though these beings did not merely exist, in the way marble for instance exists but as if they were on the verge of vanishing, but would recreate themselves at the same time. For that very reason they seemed far more real than anything made of stone.
Fear gripped Atreyu.

-the Neverending Story
moonshine You like filing cabinets, spinach and Ralph nader.

It would never work...
xXShadow_GoddessXx A predicament. A final destiny of the future that will come. Or a tomorrow that lies on every dew drop of every flower in the morning mists.
Just a Dream within a Dream.
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sixteen blather, what should I do?


blatheroracle has been pretty nice to me lately.
e^2 the oracle
she speaks in riddles
do you dare to comprehend
and find that she spoke the truth all along?
or did she only promise lies?
vague obscurities in a timeless existence
based purely on the cohesiveness of thought and emotion

peer into the crystal mirror
if you dare to recall your fate
and remember the simple glade betwixt the trees
where music sings its fluid form
and light wafts down between the leaves
and green
and gently warm

close your eyes and slip into a restless chaos
where shattered dreams and shards of memory taunt your wind-tossed thoughts

sudden clarity

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