jennifer here I sit
I know I have to pick deb up from work in a few short minutes
and I don't want to leave this glorious machine

I have been gone for 1 month, 14 days, 5 hours, and 48 minutes.

And every passing second sounds like an eternity.

I miss the connections and the grins I feel from across the miles.

to deb:
wanna see addle?
miniver I probably won't be able to forever avoid starting a new, clean word, myself. But, know -- only bad things will come of it...and worse. Worse things. Little, almost unnoticable things, but generally destructive little things that always seem to end in ending. They're always tugging at my fingertips. Tug tug. Tug. 000306
miniver Tug... 000306
Aaron my Heart without hers. 000805
zavyman Having alreadly made final
But lacking an ending
Barrett Someday I hope to be not. 001106
cole I know we are...
and I still feel closer,
more fulfilled
than ever before and quite possibly
more than I ever will be.
I suppose it's worth knowing I'm incomplete for the rest of my life, just to be close to you now.
User24 never ever show anyone anything until it's perfect. 030613
lucky of all the bright stars in the skies
i chose to see the ones in your eyes
shining brightly looking back at me

and i

watch as the clouds roll by
captivated by your eyes

flying your moonlit skies
finding all the reasons why

you and i were meant to be
time forever ours you'll see

hand in hand i'll hold you tight
always your soul in my sight

sing to me through the trees
send a breeze through the leaves

(insert missing verse here)

lets make sunshine forever
ill call you mine forever
my love is true forever
i will love you forever
witchesrequiem hmmmmmmmmmmm..
always thought I was incomplete without him!
All the greats say so...Ferson, hall, even Crowley....
It's lonely.
But the thought that I was not born whole, and need to "FIND" this great guy that's going to correct all my flaws and I him... is like believing in fucking dragons..
such BS........
I am fine with my is what makes me perfect.
estarocks fragments 040811
Bonnie Charley? 040811
uow were you just in my head? 040811
Bonnie across_the_universe with Charley? 040811
pete "no humiliation was ever complete without a witness" -orson scott card.

i guess i'm safe.
Grip maybe i should have it tatooed on my forehead! 040926
god i want to 040926
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