stork daddy i don't know if that makes me a really bad or really good person. i can't think of anyone i wouldn't enjoy knowing in some way. i bet even the sickest serial killer might tell a funny joke from time to time. sometimes i may seem dishonest, but really it's just the protean nature of my one consistency - being eager to please. unfortunately many are not pleased by the seeming disloyalty of one eager to please. so i work to hide that too. would that i was innocently and mechanically forthright. 050226
no reason i'm pretty much the same way. i think it's a good thing, it's nice to have different types of people to talk to/hang out with for different reasons.
(having a serial killer for a friend could prove to be beneficial!)

though sometimes i get tired of wanting to please and sometimes i'm not pleased anymore by others and then i_don't_want_to_be_friends_with_anyone.
but that's a whole 'nother story.
mon uow And realizing that you were awake that you could fly
Out over the world
To places that you've only heard of
See faces that you were sold as murderers
But just like you they're only lonely boys and girls
Like all over the world
What if you could lift them up?
What if you could make it so that times weren't tough?
So ever morning when the world woke up
There'd only be weather on the news
And what if you were back in bed
With one of them floating over your head
What do you say to your enemies
When you don't know what it is that could have been between you?
- matt_good
dreamer to be everyone's friend, you betray humanity's way. carry on rebel, i support you. 050227
god everyone? that's a lotta people. some of them are probably assholes. some of them are definitely assholes. 050227
dandy and god should know ;-)

(no offence. just left yourself open there.)

the more asses the better I say. we need variation, variagation, not to mention all kinds of madnesses of yesmen to rebels to keep things interesting.

I'd love to be friends with everyone too, meet them where they're at to see all sorts of interesting palces and perspectives. Then I could translate between groups. Unfortunately it may deprive some of catty fodder when their only pleasure is to shut down, shout out, shout over or whatever. But I'm sure I wouldn't ever be successful enough for groupism people to lose their sports.
Mister Brightside I don't, because i damned sure can't trust everyone. 050301
pSyche everyone in my head that is.

Everyone on the other side of my eyes...
well, let's just say that very few of them will ever be "friends"
Piso Mojado "My goal is friendship with the world and I can combine the greatest love with the greatest opposition to wrong."
-M Ghandi
. . 050608
nom i feel like such a weirdo sometimes 051124
oren Because_of personal_agenda_people, I_will never want to_be friends with everyone. 051124
andru235 i used to want to be friends with everyone, but now i mainly just want to be friends with everyone named Tuxavier, which currently isn't the name of anyone. this seemingly imperceptible shift from the former to the latter caught me off guard, and i wet my pants on the spot. this was rather embarrassing since it happened while i was shopping for bubble-based sepulchres. 051125
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