jennifer I don't want make you this way
but I want to hold your focus
to make you think about me
throughout the day
silentbob it's hard to pay attention to anything with you in my life. in photography we learned how to keep the exposure open for a real long time. but i missed on how to do it because all i could think about was holding you. 001104
bethany my mind's distracted and confused my thoughts are many miles away, they lie with you when you're asleep- kiss_you when you start your day

it's not that i talk a lot, or don't pay attention, it's that it takes a great deal to actually hold my attention. the one time this week i can remember being undistracted was with a picture. I was brought into an attic with a boy and he suprisingly showed me pictures of another boy, who is definately now a man. I packed in all my thoughts and was gripped through time to his farmilliar eyes. The boy was so excited he found the pictures, but as boys do, he didn't understand. In church when i was young and ansy, and distracted we had a moment of silence that i could never deal with. i think that if i was being crucified the only distraction from my throes and screams of pain would be that picture of the boy that is now a man who no one ever lets me forget.
Simon & Garfunkel My mind's distracted and diffused 020211
devalis When I'm here but my mind's still in your arms. 020811
jane jake distracting me from smoke distracting me from alcohol distracting me from karl distracting me from marika distracting me from sleeping distracting me from a migraine 031002
misstree 010214
i am so distracted by
the taut curve of your hip,
emerging dangerously
from your waistband

that i'm afraid i can't think
past it, past the
smooth swell of flesh,
flesh, your flesh so sweet
and warm, smooth under my fingers,
my lips, pulled playfully by gentle teeth
and explored and revealed,
waistband creeping lower,
receding from hip's
elegant, dangerous swells...

what was i saying?
reue so much work i'm behind on... so much i have yet to do.
the only thing i can really think about is the past. i need to stop. the only break i get is that god damn computer. mute point. absorbed into another world for me to waste even more time. to much goddamn thinking... no recess for the weak... even in my dreams i see (i was never one to dream). i'm falling behind and soon i just might fail... bleh... i've gotta catch up... fuck
olivia i am always distracted from my main purpose to be alive, living. i am always thinking about something else other than "staying alive", so really i am always distracted. 050504
syrope constantly. and not by anything i'd rather be doing. or by something i'm against doing. just...distracted.

talking to my daddy on the phone
i realize he has no idea
what's it to you?
who go