kss here I am, just what I wanted.

so, anyway...
x here i am, what i've always feared 030901
bird here i am, just what else did i think was going to happen? 030901
>o.O< aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall
(don't wanna be)
sf_retard oh 030901
imposter Yet so surrounded. A wall of love around a castle of . . . what? 030902
girl_jane The computer people at school still haven't hooked up my wireless I'm in the computer lab at the end of the hall in my dorm. The space bar has to be pushed quite hard...

So-Bright Eyes is my only company in's sometime around 1-I think.

I was fine. I was ok. I'm having a good time here at school.

But today-today's been different. Although nothing has changed since I've been here-

except me.

I'm still looking for somebody like me.

Until then, I'll be by myself in the computer lab-with Conor.
her royal highness the quirk i'm fine while i'm around them. they make me laugh and think about everything else except this. but they're not always there. i do eventually have to be alone. like right now. they're in the room, but i'm alone. even if i spend an entire day with them, and even if he spends the night, i'm still alone with myself at night. i close my eyes and his face is burned into the back of my eyelids. i almost feel like i don't have the right to be so torn up, but i am. it's partially because he's gone and partially because she's hurting and i can't help her. it's partially because i remember the nights last summer when i was so depressed and he would say nice things and made me stop crying. it's partially because if this had happened four months ago, i would have been there at her side in record time with pineapple juice and chocolate and my ears and my stupid jokes and my buddinmobile to whisk her away to coldstone or something. i want to hold her and stroke her hair like she's done for me so many times, but i can't even talk to her. that conversation (would you even call it that?) was the oddest conversation i've ever had with her.

i miss you
Komix I am always in great company

Myself 8-)
Syrope you finally say the things i've waited my entire childhood to hear

the thing is,
sometimes late isn't better than never

and i didn't lose any weight since you've seen me last. we both know that. you make me feel so disgusting.
what's it to you?
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