Mike You're trippin like a fucked up bum dude. Go have some fun. Enjoy your self or die. Life shouldn't be wasted on over analization and flighty philosophies that get you no where. 991031
FooLmOOn ur tripping on a stone boy,
3 tokes and all is gone, three tokes i'm taking all. III tokes and u took all,,, dont let go of my hand.
klairchen I am gimpy girl.

With no balance whatsoever.

I just tripped in front of my boss.

How fun!

But I wouldn't reccomend it.

monde trippin down the rainblow line
slow smooth & efficient
stopping for a minute
to sample chartreuse purple wine
trippin back in time
it is 1985
i was obsessively attracted to
a graffiti artist
before it became something people did
on mtv
he'd write tags on the building walls
saying strange, arcane things
i used to think they were secret messages
meant for my eyes

the trouble was: two of them were
the rest weren't even close
but those two that were bent my mind
trippin at the time
into thinking of him
as thinking of me
as i thought of him
some beyond-special cosmic ally
it wasn't like that

he just sort of liked me a little
enjoyed my art, but preferred more feminine women
in 1986 we had sex.
because he was between girlfriends
and bored

then he never talked to me

never take anything you see whilst tripping too damned
just remember
the five star general veteran of
secondgeneration psychedelia
warned you about doing that.
*Ziima* on a warm summer night as we watched Half Baked and ate marshmallows. The cat did eat the pipe... 010720
nemo 3 dark blue gel tabs, 5 blotter papers, and a palm of liquid started the night... in a quick 30 minutes i thought for sure i'd lost my mind for good. 010720
hsgatincamail zen 040416
essence some stuff i've been tripping/worrying about lately:
-that my girlfriend might be pregnant
-that i have aids or some kind of fucked-up disease
-that i don't deserve to have close friends
-that i have wasted twenty years of my life doing nothing
-that someday cops will pull me over on a freeway, find out that i have no license, insurance, and registration, and put me in jail
-that i have no future
-i miss my ex'es, all of them
-i should quit smoking
-i am going to get fired and not find a job
-sometimes i think i'm going crazy
minnesota_chris ironically your life would probably improve if your girlfriend got pregnant, because you would improve... 040517
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