silentbob my shoulders are red with the days exposure.

my heart is red with the blood of betrayal
Casey I neglected the spf 25 lotion of life, now i am forced to peel away the dead skin that is the result of my mistakes 010708
yummyC I am just AMAZED at the fact that I didn't get a sunburn last week. All week I was at the beach and...well I guess I put on enough sunscreen...but that never happens. this must be a miracle. 010709
illya23b my girlfriend is of darker skin.
she said to me: wear sunscreen.
i love her; i didn't.
red painful skin reminds me of unity.
nanny so i went camping this weekend, and did the hippy thing with the bonfire, and drinking from dawn til dusk and then some more. well i put on SPF 45 sunblock, thinking that i would be okay for a couple of hours. well, i was wrong, within 30 minutes of emergining from my make-shift tent, i was crispy and red. and it's gonna stay that way for a while, until i peel, and then i'm a pasty white city girl again until the vicious_cycle starts all over again. 020609
cheer-up-emo-kid someone shoot me. 020809
falling_alone what_it_is_to_burn

running fingers over blistered shoulders in the icy water that is heated by my body as it drips down to my feet. running fingers over peeling skin that is wiped away from coarse towels. secretly, though not so secret anymore, i find no greater pleasure than in peeling this dead skin off.
Lemon_Soda I used to have a girlfreind, a short blonde with a keen interest in DJing and roller skating.

When we would drive around in her car from the town she lived in to mine sometimes we'd hold hands. I would often look down at our hands and invariably find myself staring at the skin peeling on her forearm. I had to pull it off. Every time.

The first time she asked me what I was doing I said "peeling your skin off". Then she asked why. I really didn't know why I had a fascination with doing it so I said " So I can tell all my freinds that my favorite thing to do with mygirl freind is peel her skin off."

She laughed heartily and never asked again.

Just like that I got the unspoken right to pull her skin off whenever I pleased. I guess she felt my unexplained need to do so and let it go, even found it amusing.
highanddry Funny, I thought it would heal eventually, but it left scars. 050715
jane scars are inescapable, but eventually prove their importance 050717
tessa and again, my genes went with the wrong side of the family 070121
tessa the burn
the pain
the itch
the peel
the raw
unhinged sometimes accompanied by hives (sun_poisoning: an allergic reaction to the sun)

they sell sunscreen to wash your clothes in; i would need if i lived in hawaii with my brother. since i got hives through my jeans thinking 'oh i don't need sunscreen today since we aren't going to the beach'
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