the maytr as in the self kind.
Do it all the time.
Nobody really knows.
What a happy little life I lead
Pope Grendel DCLXVI i would make a lousy pope

because if i were ever called upon to canonize anyone

i would want to use a real cannon

would-be martyrs lined up for blocks just to amuse me
jeffrey mother on crack
man with aids
kid in the back
people with maids
sons to war
dads to work
teenage whores
jews and pork
love you knew
girls who blew
people you screw
and gum you chew
Chrity go to:
marjorie let me be your lamb
i'm waiting for the knife in your hand
i think it's time
hey man...
let me be your lamb.
phil what is the world without your mind? 020712
MagicMan Selfless
yenaldlosi Enemy Way 021125
stork daddy i want a girl who's seen so much she seems innocent again. 021125
unhinged to be there smiling with you
means i had nothing left to cling to
but i wanted it to be
looking at you
laying on your couch
sitting next to you wrapped in your bathrobe
watching you walk around in her clogs
you gave her your sad look
everything around me crumbles
i keep hoping
that if i am in the right place at the right time
love will find me
sharing joints
exchanging cigarettes
because you always needed a strong cigarette after you ate
she's already mad
love will find me
maybe someday
a girl with nothing to say i have had to sacrifice alot in this crazy life i am forced to live 031017
Death of a Rose everything, pride, soul, concern. 031017
micky jo I thought when I got older I would lose myself
I thought I would give in and give up
but as i grow I see things honestly
life isn't to be romantasized
it just is what it is
and that is ok if you let it be
I can still change things but the point is...
that money does in fact affect my college choice.
we make a sacrifice to gain something
I just can't seem to gain anything
hsg circulart 040721
ItGirl abnegation.

And so I build this temple. Constucted with carefully tanned flesh and milk srenthened bones. And a mind that is built for recreation and pleasure and the pursuit of all things. A heart that is strong and willing and willful. A soul that is bright and is free and is true.

And I give it to you.

Here_is_a_knife, steel blue as my eyes.

I will kneel down as a sacrifice.
hsg i'll never let you go 040922
12182005 Bush (War_president) warns of more sacrifice to come in Iraq 051218
?x 2100 051218
nom "lambs to the slaughter" 051218
next to Nobody the horned one. 060726
hsg danzig remixes. 061023
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