amy I’m not gonna mess up yr dreamy dharma pages with a long post but here it is anyway.

Mostly I work on the lojong saying
-don’t bring things to a painful point-
Because dramatic thoughts have a disturbing tendency to peak and I want that more Appalachia.

here’s how I think of race_in_america.... assuming race is a social construct that matters - that sociology matters as well as politics- the difference is the right to understand and appreciate and relate is not the same as the right to create and live of the black or brown person. The most enlightened and progressive white person will not have the life of a black or brown person. Can’t be done.

But we all have rights to life. You don’t have to qualify it with a social construct like race or gerrymandered house district. There is something in common and I think it’s the Yin, or the archetypal Moon (just a hypothesis about the pressure of something that seems shared but personalized at the same time.... psychological) check this out R Hand in 1972 Essays on Astrology here it’s repression of the feminine, but I mean to bring it up as just repression in general.

(Unfortunately the language in this essay leans “painful point”. Easterners probably do better).

“The archetypal feminine in our culture has been repressed until it survives only as an inferior, “dark” function, moods, feelings, unconscious drives, etc. According to Depth Psychologists, whenever a function becomes repressed in this way it becomes ((((dangerous)))). It goes out of the control of the conscious mind and gains an energy of its own by means of which it can (((((assault)))) the seat of consciousness. Kindly note that the old term for insanity is “lunacy”. To be insane is to be “moonstruck” because the Moon somehow caused insanity. Sleeping in the light of the full moon was also believed to cause a person to lose his or her mind. I do not believe that this is because the Moon rules the emotions, as most astrologers assert, but because the Moon represents a repressed function of the psyche. The full Moon especially is especially a time when the archetypal feminine stands out most clearly as the polar opposite and complement of the archetypal masculine, represented by the Sun

About equality:

“On one hand she can repress the archetype within herself, like the male, and demand to participate as an equal (equally male, that is) among males. She can say that genital sexuality does not require her to live as an embodiment of the archetypal feminine. She can claim with good reason to be the equal of the male and live in the same world that he does. This would certainly solve the problem of woman’s enslavement by man, but it would not solve the problem of the culture as a whole, the repression of one of the two fundamental archetypes. To say the least, woman is no better off repressing the archetypal feminine than man

The archetypal concepts being Moon and Sun , Yin and Yang, race or gender (sounds pretty hollow too). These are the humanist notions. Certainly we can love Moons and Suns, and, zounds, Moons and Suns can become distorted. I think, even, as social constructs. So, ohhh nooo mr bill i’m getting disconnected.....
f guess what!

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