ang enough of my ranting for now. 981020
Rainer This is just the beginning. *smiles* 990317
apassionata and panting
i find the stairs too much
the ringing in my ears to driving me
to isolation
it's midsummer's night and the day
i first experienced love
or was it?
sophie and the prince...
me and the serb
when when will it end?
god the_twilight_zone_thought_for_the_day 011030
girl_jane angry rambling with a louder tone of voice 020331
Freak my mom just told me that she's been on blather before. what the fuck is that. i mean...its not like its blather.com which means she woulda had to get on my name and check my favorites list. i also know that she knows my name on here too (she got me a shirt for christmas that says Freak on it) but i know she didn't look at my stuff (she probably didnt know how) because she wouldve known about the cutting and stuff. the way i found out is that my brother wanted to know how blather worked and stuff and my mom (im visiting today) told me not to let him on it because there is some stuff he shouldnt see (she thinks hes too young). What would be even worse is if she did look at my stuff and just didnt do a damn thing about it. i hate my family sometimes...well...my parents anyway.

I love my brother more than anyone in the world. I don't know how I wouldve survived this long without him. He is my reason for not cutting anymore. He doesnt know about it or anything but I quit for him. I had a dream one night that he watched me die and in that dream I got to see his face and his reaction to loosing me and I woke up crying. that was one of the worst experiences of my life but the first thing i thought when i woke up was no more cutting. i raised him myself. i love him like he's my own son.
myriadmoods ah to rant and not to be told to shut up, or get over it, there is no getting over a rant, until one has finished ranting and raving and letting it all out of their system. I really dislike the people who can go on a rant themselves, and then tell me to stop ranting! The endless things people tell me about myself when I get on a rant,do they not know they are hypocrites? 040112
Sintina man it feels so good!
I get a good rant out of the way and the next day, I'm all better! I feel sooo much better!
I want you to forgive me imediately because, man, apparently all I needed was to rant at you, get it ALLL out.
Then ~poof~! I can be logical again and it all makes sense and I can explain myself to you. And I just wanna give you a big
-thanks for letting me be really honestly pissed at you-
**sigh of pleasure and a cute smile**
g all that ranting and raving! 051115
what's it to you?
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