Q Oxford in Oxford English Dictionary does not mean Oxford in Mississippi. 060821
australian highrise I went there once, with my grandparents, when I was young, and I told them, "I'm coming to this college someday, for writing!" (naive, anyone?)
they still ask me about, six years later, and tell everyone who they introduce me to. "this is my granddaughter, and she's going to go to oxford someday for writing!"
what a load of shit. I can't hardly even move out of my front door, flying across the world to a high-end school is not gonna happen.
sorry, grams and gramps.
*Amy* the city that hides that mysterious guy, I`ve lost your telepone number and your e-mail. Hope life meet us again.. 060822
zedel we went to visit oxford today
it was great and little bit sad to replace the imaginings with memories of a real place

and sad too to think of all the people i'm too old to ever become, all the lives i'll never live
u24 I studied here. Got my masters degree.

I don't feel like writing about it right now. But one day I will, I think.
Risen The Other Place 150205
igg Congratulations u24! 150210
(z) (cheers mate.) 150210
u24 Oh, thanks :)

Still think about Emily from time to time. She was struggling, like me. She failed in the second term I think. I'm sure she's doing fine now. But for a moment I saw just how quickly things can change.
u24 I was with her at the exact moment she found out she'd failed. They posted our results for that term on the wall. Her name was not on the list. Confusion followed by realisation in her face. Could easily have been me. 150213
Risen I have been running from something for a really long time. Almost a decade.

I went to a wedding I shouldn't have gone to.

Going over everything again, the timing forced by circumstance, the therapy goals, the pressure...

All of it makes me think about the only person in my life at the time who gave me sane and helpful advice. Who told me not to go to the wedding. Who told me to take care of myself, not put myself through hell for the sake of a false sense of duty. Who gave me advice I would give someone in my life today.

I am comfortable with the choice I made in 2012 to right wrongs instead of following a more selfish path, and I know everything turned out for the best.

But now, there's this thing, and I blame Blackadder. There's a joke about Oxford being a dump, and all the puppy training books tell you to teach your dog a keyword when you need them to go to the toilet.

So it isn't particularly surprising that I have to say the word "Oxford" multiple times a day, and that recently I feel vaguely guilty each time I do it.
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