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when it became readily apparent that the great stockpiles of "Weapons of Mass Destruction" weren't going to be found armed, ready and aimed at our throats --like the great cadre of liars in DC wanted us to believe so that we would swallow their little exercise in corporate sposored imperialism with as little trouble as possible-- were never going to materialize out of the sand, suddenly, without missing a beat or batting an eyelash, they changed their story from looking for weapons to "looking for evidence of weapons programs"


that's like a cop changing his story from shooting the suspect because the suspect drew down on him to shooting a the neighborhood nuisance because he might have been planning to build his own gun.

it might sound like something of a stretch in logic, but then, hey, aren't stretches in logic and reasoning what started this whole mess anyway?

after all there never has been any proven connection between al Qaeda and Saddam, since Saddam's whole M.O. when it came to the ultra-religious was to fuck with them as hard and as violently as he could (Iran-Iraq war from 80-88, the persecution of the "Marsh Arabs" and Shi'ite fundametalists throughout the tenure of the regime, anyone?)

Where Osama is a genuine fanatic -one of those dangerous ultra-zealot types like the kind of people here who call themselves "pro-life" that they're willing to kill doctors to prove it -, Saddam, like the Pentagon gang here in the US played on religion and patriotism as a bully pulpit, a rallying cry he could wrap himself in to win support from people who should have otherwise known better

The likelihood of an alliance between them is as likely as Louis Farrakhan sitting back enjoying spare-ribs and a beer with David Duke at a Stonewall commemorative gathering and if you know your american politics you know exactly what i mean by that

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Risen "And all the best deceptions and the clever cover story awards..." Well, I suppose they go to me.

If you make a choice which you can never talk about without ruining the whole point... how the hell are you ever supposed to come to terms with it? How can you stop the "what if" moments?

And I know I'd make the same choice again, because I'm a good person and because I want to help people, and it's a big step for me to not have chosen the selfish path.

But damn it, sometimes I want to stop with the double meanings and the secrets. Sometimes I want to tell the truth.

What is the truth worth, though? There's no future, nothing I could gain (because life is not a romance novel) and it might hurt someone.

I used to lie so easily, and now, not telling the truth feels like having a stone stuck in my shoe.
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